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Classic Kitchen: Home on the Range

Giannetti Velvet and Linen Patina Farm Kitchen with French Lacanche Range

Okay, so it’s a range for our home, but I’m so excited I can’t stop singing. After two and a half years of dreaming, planning, panicking and questioning if I have the patience, we’re finally embarking on our kitchen remodel. 

We have the ability to purchase luxuries now that I could only dream of a few years ago and I knew that in this home we’d integrate a “chef’s range”. I didn’t realize I’d fall head-over-heels, can’t talk me out of it in love with a range though. 

I had considered Verona, Viking, Wolf, and La Cornue ranges, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw Brooke Giannetti of Velvet and Linen and Jennifer’s beautiful Lacanche ranges. It’s one of those things you wish you hadn’t seen because once you do, you can’t take your mind off of it. I was overcome with it’s beauty and sold on it’s solid cooking and baking capabilities. After all, I’ve been working with just 1-2 burners for the last couple years. You’d think having a working gas range would be enough.

After researching other options, did my best to talk myself out of it and ultimately ordered a Lacanche range. I’m beyond excited as it will not only be the centerpiece of our kitchen, but a work horse. 

lacanche range | brass and ivory french range

It’s all a little nerve wracking, but I configured my 43 1/2″ range to include a gas oven large enough for my Staub’s, a full size cookie sheet, turkey, etc and to the right, a convection oven/broiler. The storage drawer will either host my cookie sheets, muffin tins and frequently used cake pans or be used as a warmer…I love the versatility.
french range | lacanche configuration

I designed a 4 faux range with an additional 18,000 BTU burner. I debated adding a cast iron simmer plate…if you have one, let me know!

Since I hinted about my purchase last week I’ve received several emails and comments of fellow Lacanche owners who have put my mind at ease. Our cabinetry will be painted in the same soft ivory and accented with beautiful brass knobs to coordinate. 

Do you have a Lacanche, Blue Star or LaCornue? I’d love to hear!

classic kitchen decorating ideas

Update, it’s here! You can see and read more about our kitchen here!


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21 comments on “Classic Kitchen: Home on the Range”

  1. I would get the simmer plate. Granted I’m coming from a gas cooktop – but there are times that I really wish I had that feature. From simple rice to risotto or even a stew sometimes you just want less heat, don’t get me started on desserts.
    It’s a beautiful appliance, I know a little from about them from a decor show I watched yrs ago. Please do a post when you start cooking as to what the expiernce is like.

  2. Oh that’s a beaut!! Can’t wait to see it installed!

  3. I have a simmer plate on my LaCanche. I would not get it again. It heats up like crazy, and how often does one cook several things at the same time?
    Love my LaCanche- it is definitely the focal point of the kitchen. You may remember, it is my second. So fun following along with your design process.

  4. That range is simply gorgeous. I can’t wait to see your configuration in your new kitchen. I know you saw the kitchen renovation I featured from my family’s home, which includes a LaCornue flamberge. The LaCornue is just incredible. We used it to make a turkey breast for Thanksgiving and it was fantastic. The cleanup was a breeze, too, which is one of the reasons they bought it.

    • I’m not moving too much, but adding additional storage/cabinetry. The flamberge is so fun! You all will enjoy that for years to come.

  5. Hi, found your blog while researching colors and layout of our future LaCanche. Now that you’ve lived with it for awhile, is there anything you would change about your configuration? Are you happy with your purchase? Thanks for any insight! – Cindy

    • I love it so far, but haven’t used it much yet as our kitchen is still under construction. Factor the shipping into your budget (didn’t occur to me how expensive that would be). It’s the centerpiece of our kitchen and is absolutely beautiful. When I compared among Wolf, Thermador, etc the overall cost wasn’t that much higher and I loved the concept. I hope that helps!

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  8. Did you get the simmer plate? I am considering the Saulieu with either 4 burner (and add the simmer plate) or the Classique (and add two more burners). I read all classique tops come with the portable simmer plate and wonder if that is the way to go. I wonder though if the portable simmer plate is as good as the built in. Would love your feedback!

  9. hi Julie!!

    We are in the process of deciding which range to purchase for our new kitchen remodel.
    I LOVE the look of the Laconche Cluny however Im trying not to make an emotional I love how it looks decision. I am concerned about how issues are addressed since there are so few appliance companies that work on these in GA. 
    Would love any feedback… thank you!

    • Of course, Susan…sending an email to you now.

    • Hi, Susan, I’m also in GA, but really haven’t had but one issue with my Cluny cooktop so finding repair co hasn’t been s huge problem.  I bought JUST the cooktop but they don’t offer this anymore.  I wanted the cooktop but with more standard oven.  The ignition button quit functioning.  It was replaced but still didn’t work.  After days of trying to determine the source of the problem, it seems they had shipped us a defective switch.  Works perfectly now.

      About the simmer plate, I rarely use mine.  Really heats up the kitchen!  The heat generated by the burners is intense, so I bought a griddle plate to use over two burners, which tones the heat down without heating the kitchen with Simmer plate.  Be careful, though, the cast iron simmer plate will develop rust at the drop of a hat.  There is a tendency to set things down on it, but beware!  Don’t do it, even when well seasoned.  I have used a Silpat silicone mat on mine to protect it, but honestly, if you have a simmer plate, invest in the cover they make for it.  That’s my next purchase. 
      Now here is the heartbreaker…  this cooktop is in the house I owned before my husband and I got married. We moved into his and have been renting mine, a high-end lakefront beauty.  Just discovered today that in spite of my clear instructions, my last tenant allowed it to decline into an appalling rusty mess.  I’m heartbroken!  

      Enjoy your range!  Its the best!

  10. If that’s not over $10 grand I’d be surprised.
    Kudos to you for being able to afford such a nice oven.
    Should last a century or more.

  11. Hi Julie,
    We just bought a new house and we are considering the Cluny 1400.  Now that you have used your stove are the ovens too small? We have a big Italian family and I’m concerned with big parties the ovens won’t work? I would love your thoughts!
    Thanks so much,

    • Not at all for us – I can fit 2 large dishes (Dutch ovens/full cookie sheets / casseroles in the gas and 6+ items in the electric/convection (side dishes / quarter sheets) at a time. For me, I couldn’t easily go larger.

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