Let There Be Light

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  • A 5 minute Christmas centerpiece recipe made with items from your home

    I’m so excited that we finally finished our kitchen table. It’s the most time, money & energy I’ve spent DIY’ing a new piece! I was so anxious to invite guests to join us for dinner that I completely forgot that we still need a light fixture for the breakfast nook. As the sun started to set, I had to rethink my centerpiece, incorporating candlelight. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. There’s something peaceful & alluring about a candlelight dinner. The light reflecting off everyone’s faces was captivating. For a moment, it felt as nothing outside of that space existed. Why don’t we dine by candlelight more often? Actually, we may be. The fixture I want takes 8+ weeks. I quickly thought about what I had to create a last minute DIY Christmas centerpiece & found items that you, too likely already have!

    Get the recipe for this Christmas centerpiece made of forage & fruit!

    DIY Christmas Centerpiece recipe



    candles in varying heights

    2 types of greenery {for added interest}

    colorful fruit {I used clementines for unexpected Christmas color}


    A 5 minute DIY Christmas Centerpiece tutorial with unexpected color

    1. Choose & place your tray in position.
    2. Add candles in varying heights to fill 3/4 of the tray.
    3. Add your first type of greenery to 4 areas of the tray. I added to the two opposite sides of the tray by the handles & framed the corners to place a little greenery on the front of the tray at each side.
    4. Layer your second type of greenery on top of the first.
    5. Place a clementine on top of the base of the greenery & fill voids with them.

    Christmas candlelight dinner - learn how to make a centerpiece in minutes with things you already have!

    Christmas candlelight dinner - learn how to make a centerpiece in minutes with things you already have!

    It couldn’t be easier! I’d love to see how you recreate this concept. Tag me on Instagram! After a week of entertaining, I have yet another Christmas centerpiece recipe I look forward to sharing with you!

    Candlelight Christmas dinner - a gorgeous & unexpected centerpiece you can create in just a few minutes

    Get the "flower recipe" to create this gorgeous Christmas table setting

    DIY Christmas table setting - get the recipe for this simple centerpiece!

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    A step-by-step tutorial to create a Christmas centerpiece with things you already have!

    I’m beyond excited to start decorating for the holidays – even if I’m the last one! Have you decorated yet?


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