Red and Green Garland Centerpiece and Christmas Table Setting

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  • Welcome from Town and Country Living, it’s nice to meet you! For those of you who visit regularly, you know I love to keep it simple – and often very traditional. This Christmas table setting is the perfect blend of the two. It’s a 5 minute garland centerpiece that can be repurposed in your Christmas decor.

    traditional christmas table setting

    I’m excited to join friends in the Styled + Set tour – a group of entertaining enthusiasts sharing Christmas table settings curated by Lory of Design Enthusiasm. You can follow the tour through the links below for more inspiration!

    easy Christmas centerpiece using cedar garland

    At the encouragement of readers, I hope to start sharing more video tutorials for my simple centerpieces. This garland centerpiece would have been perfect, but it was so simple I wasn’t sure if you’d want/need a video. Anyone can create this simple centerpiece – no skills necessary!

    classic Christmas table setting

    To recreate this Christmas table setting you’ll need:

    10′ cedar garland {this was purchased at Whole Foods for $10}, available at Trader Joe’s and hardware stores

    3 pillar candles

    1 stem of red berries {purchased or from a holly bush}

    cinnamon stick for each place setting


    1. Unroll cedar garland allowing 1’+ to drape over each side of the table allowing it to fall naturally.
    2. Manipulate the garland to create a wavy pattern – it’s more interesting than a straight line.
    3. Place candles at the center and both ends of the garland.
    4. Cut pieces of cedar for each place setting.
    5. Add cedar, a snip of berries and a cinnamon stick at each place setting.

    Christmas garland centerpiece tutorial

    Easy, but festive and most importantly, classic.

    classic Christmas decorating ideas

    You can find all of my Christmas table settings and centerpieces here.

    how to make candles look drippy

    But first, have you ever wondered how to make a candle look drippy? Just take a lighter to the edge for a few seconds {over a protected surface} far enough away that it doesn’t leave any black, close enough that it melts.

    Visit my friend Lauren at Bless’er House who always makes you feel right at home to see her Christmas table setting.

    Hosted by Designthusiasm

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