Dining Room

LAST UPDATED: Apr 25, 2019 | PUBLISHED: May 02, 2013 | By: Julie Blanner

My love for entertaining requires a dining room that can easily change and adapt. That’s why I designed a very neutral dining room. It is the perfect backdrop for any occasion. I have mixed formal elements, like this existing chandelier

with non-traditional pieces like this antique dresser that has been passed down at least 4 generations {but I believe 5} in our family. It’s a great piece for occasional storage of linens, place card holders, and games.
While I eventually plan to include my mother’s {previously grandmother’s} dining room table, for now,  the room hosts my harvest table. The table expands to accommodate additional guests using the chairs from our living room.
Simple artwork in brass frames can be changed with each season or event that I host.
The brass bar cart is another adaptable element in the room. It is mobile and works well as a beverage or dessert bar.
Brass curtain rods keep the room traditional along with sheer belgian linen curtains that puddle for a more formal flair, but allows natural light. Also included in the room is my Great Grandmother’s piano, which often doubles as a serving buffet.
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