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How to Learn Calligraphy in 5 Days | The Calligraphy Alphabet

This online class is here to help you learn calligraphy. Easy step by step instructions will have you writing the calligraphy alphabet in no time.

This online class is here to help you learn calligraphy. Easy step by step instructions will have you writing the calligraphy alphabet in no time.

Learning the Basics of the Calligraphy Alphabet

You’ve made it! Now that you learned the basics, it’s time to learn the calligraphy alphabet, one letter at a time. Of course, there are so many different calligraphy fonts to choose from, but we’re a few lessons away from that. Let’s jump right in!

Click here to download the lowercase calligraphy alphabet our instructor, Madi has graciously prepared for us. Place your tracing paper over the letter you’re working with before you proceed to tracing on your practice grid.

Jump In and Learn Calligraphy Quick

We’re going to start with lowercase ascenders {b,d,f, h, k, l, t}. You can choose the depth of your practice, but I recommend a page for each letter minimum.

Calligraphy Alphabet

Now, lowercase descenders {g, j, p, q, y}.

Learn Calligraphy

Easy Step By Step Instructions for the Calligraphy Alphabet

Finally, practice the remaining letters in the alphabet – lowercase, followed by uppercase {printable coming soon for subscribers only}.

How to Learn Calligraphy in 5 Days | a step-by-step guide to learning calligraphy, on your own! Free printable guides available at

Remember, go light on upstrokes & heavier on downstrokes.

How to Learn Calligraphy in 5 Days | a step-by-step guide to learning calligraphy, on your own! Free printable practice sheets available at

Practice makes perfect, so have fun while you’re doing it! I have found it very relaxing!

How to Learn Calligraphy in 5 Days | a step-by-step guide to learning calligraphy, on your own! Free printable practice sheets available at

I wish I had beautiful Spring blooms like these everyday!

How to Learn Calligraphy in 5 Days | a step-by-step guide to learning calligraphy, on your own! Free printable practice sheets available at

Subscribe here for a bonus worksheet that is emailed to subscribers only once a month. So, join me & see how fun & easy it is to learn calligraphy! Missed a lesson? Start from the beginning here!

The series, in order:

  1. How to Learn Calligraphy
  2. Getting Started
  3. Back to Basics
  4. The Calligraphy Alphabet
  5. Practice Words
  6. Practice Makes Perfect
  7. Calligraphy Resources & Left Handed Calligraphy
  8. Minuscules & Numerals

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Photography: Jenny Wheat, Calligraphy Instruction: Madi Sanders, Flowers: Emmy-Ray


70 comments on “How to Learn Calligraphy in 5 Days | The Calligraphy Alphabet”

  1. Oh my goodness. I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found this series! I have been wanting to learn this forever. Thank you thank you! (P.S. if you have a second and wanted to link up at The Makers link party over on my blog, that would be so great!)

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  3. I’m starting your Five day course a little late. I just found it on Pinterest and was very excited for the help! I’m just learning too! Did you happen to have an uppercase calligraphy alphabet too that we can work with as a practice guide?

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  5. Is there any way I can get the uppercase alphabet list you mentioned to Andrea? I just found your blog today and subscribed.

  6. Do you have any tips for the lower case ‘r’? I just can’t get the hang of it.

    • I’m referring this question to Madi. Give us a day or two. Hang in there & have fun until them. You’ll get it!

    • Focus on a light upstroke, your loop and then a strong downstroke. Remember that when trying to get the feel of the letters it’s okay to go back to a regular pen or pencil to practice muscle memory.

  7. I just found your blog, and am a little late to the calligraphy party, but still want to join in. I signed up for your email, but is there any way to get the uppercase printable? Love your blog, can’t wait to explore!

  8. Hi Julie!!

    I just found your calligraphy workshop on Pinterest! Thank you so much for pouring your heart and time into this beautiful project! I would love to download the tools that were available to subscribers at the the time the workshop was posted. Is there any way I could download those? I subscribed to your updates!
    Thanks so much for your time!

  9. I am so glad I found your post. I have wanted to learn calligraphy for years. You make it so easy to follow. My only problem is I can’t find the upper case alphabet. Where can I find it?

  10. Thanks Julie, I am looking forward to it. Thank you so much!

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  12. Hi Julie!

    Thanks for the beautiful tutorial. Do you have an uppercase printable available?

    Thanks 🙂

  13. 6Dzk0Bx711Sl

    I only saw your blog this afternoon and I just subscribed. Is there any way for me to still get the other “subscribers only” worksheets? 🙁

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  15. Will it still be included this/next month if I subscribe?? D:

  16. Where can I get those lovely practice notepads you ladies are using?


  17. Hi Julie!
    I found your calligraphy workshop only a couple of days ago on Pinterest. I’d like to download the tools that were available to the subscribers at the time you posted the workshop. How can I download those? I’ve already susbscribed. Thank you very much.

  18. I subscribed to your emails only now and I’m not sure how I am able to get the capital letter calligraphy alphabet?? Thanks I am loving learning this all 🙂

    • Thanks, Ellie! I send out calligraphy links once a month, all other printables are available throughout posts in the series. I’m also doing a flower “recipe” series you may enjoy as well!

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  20. Just starting calligraphy and am loving these tutorials! I’m having trouble finding the printables for both uppercase and lowercase alphabets. Do you know where I could find those? Thanks!

  21. Found this on pinterest and had to checked it out becaus emy mother would have me practiced calligraphy when i was little almost every saturday. Of course i still have good handwritting but not as perfect as it used to be and found this excercise really helpeful to practice agaian. I would love to get the Upper Case alphabet. I subscribed already but not sure where I can find it. I appreciate the help.

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  24. I have subscribed to the newsletter but haven’t received any downloads or emails… I’m probably just being impatient because I am so excited to start!!!

    • I’m sure you’ve received them by now, but it goes out once a month now that the series is over. I hope you’re enjoying it. Thanks for following along, Melissa!

  25. How to I subscribe

  26. I know I’m a little late to the party but just found your blog through a link on Pinterest and I’ve subscribed but I’m wondering if there was some way to still get the capitals printable? I really appreciate your help!

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  28. hi
    I have subscribed but did not receive the tutorial mail..what should I do to get them?

  29. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for sharing these lessons with the world. I just started this 5 day course, and I was wondering where I can download the practice sheet for upper case letters. (and of course I subscribed! :))

  30. Hi Julie… I’ve subscribed to the “Calligraphy” course a half dozen times, and have never received any emails in this regard. What is required that we do to get the emails and get going?? Please advise. Thanks, Leslee

    • The emails went out regularly when the series began and now bonus worksheets go out once a month as a thank you to subscribers. All worksheets to learn calligraphy are available via posts.

  31. Is calligraphy just cursive only using a different pen?

    • No, it’s an art form in itself. One of the major differences is that you lift up the pen between strokes rather than writing a word with one fluid motion.

  32. Hi Julie! I love your blog so much!! I am trying to learn calligraphy and your posts are awesome! I subscribed to your blog and was wanting to get the upper case alphabet sheet. Thank you so much 🙂

  33. Hi Julie,

    I started following your blog recently because I am addressing my wedding invitations and I have always been interested in the art of calligraphy! I subscribed today and would really appreciate the uppercase printable because I do not have much time to get these invitations out, thank you so much!

    • Everything you need to learn calligraphy is within the posts and there is a bonus worksheet that is emailed to subscribers once a month. Just follow along from post to post. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

  34. Hello Julie,

    I have greatly appreciated your series 🙂 I, like many others, have subscribed later than when this post originated. I understand that a printable is emailed once a month and that’s awesome, but is there a link of some sort where a late subscriber can access past sheets?


    • All of the remaining worksheets are available within the series, just start the series at the beginning and follow through – you’ll find them as needed. Enjoy!

  35. This really works

  36. I’m learning calligraphy and I guess I started your five day course late, but I’m loving it. But I can’t find the uppercase alphabet. I’ve subscribed.can you send it to me? Thank you

  37. I just found this post and would love to get the downloads so I can begin! I just subscribed. Is there anyway to get them resent?
    Thank you!!

  38. Hi Julie, I’m loving this class! Thanks so much for hosting!

  39. I just subscribed to your online course. I am wondering if you send the lessons one at a time so it takes 5 weeks. I am retired, with lots more time available and am wondering if I can get the lessons sooner. Thank you.

  40. Hey! I subscribed for the emails a few days ago and haven’t received any of the downloads I need to continue on. Is it to late?

    • There are several downloads within the series, just start a new post as you complete the one before. The bonus worksheets are sent once a month. Enjoy!

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