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How to Learn Calligraphy in 5 Days!

How to learn calligraphy in 5 days | everything you need to learn calligraphy including practice sheets, supply lists, & step by step techniques at

That’s right! I have partnered with calligrapher Madi Reid Sanders to teach you how to learn calligraphy in 5 days! After dreaming about beautiful handwriting for years, aspiring to learn calligraphy for the past few years without any local classes & only overwhelm online, I finally learned the art of calligraphy. It was easy. It was therapeutic. It was empowering. I had allowed so many factors become barriers to something I wanted to do for myself.

I met Madi last summer & discovered that, in addition to being a beautiful soul, she also has a beautiful talent – calligraphy. After having her make a sign for Adalyn & Aniston’s birthday, we talked about how easy it was to learn – if you had the right “tools.” We spent an afternoon together talking about calligraphy & then step by step, she taught me the basics, while photographer Jenny Wheat captured it. We have broken it down in to 5 easy sessions, in addition to some great bonus content that include free printable exemplars.

So, join me & see how fun & easy it is to learn calligraphy! Oh, & those gorgeous blooms? Created by the talented Emmy Ray of Handmaker of Things. You’ll be seeing more of them too!

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A step-by-step tutorial to learn calligraphy

Follow the series, in order:

How to Learn Calligraphy

Getting Started

Back to Basics

The Calligraphy Alphabet

Practice Words

Practice Makes Perfect

Calligraphy Resources & Left Handed Calligraphy

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56 comments on “How to Learn Calligraphy in 5 Days!”

  1. I am new to your blog. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love it! I get very excited when I see you have a new post. 🙂 Lovely! Simply lovely!

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  10. What type of ink and fountain pen do you recommend using?

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  20. I have wanted to find a class in calligraphy for a long time.

  21. Can i still have the links to the calligraphy class???

  22. Is the left handed class a different class than the right handed one. I tried to copy the left handed worksheets but couldn’t do it any segestions.
    Pat Hubbard

  23. I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy — and now I can. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Learn calligraphy

  25. Learn calligraphy, what pen and ink do you recommend?

    • Visit the supply post for specifics. All posts are linked from start to finish at the bottom of each post so that you can easily follow. Enjoy!

  26. I have recently subscribed to your blog and have had this pinned for months but I was wondering if there is a way to still receive the upper and lower case printable? On the calligraphy alphabet link there is only a link for the lower case letters, and says that uppercase letters are for subscribers only. I adore the style of your calligraphy and I would love to have the practice sheets to learn with. Thank you for your help.

  27. Love it!! Easy instructions can’t wait to try them out 😀 being all fancy ????????

  28. Julie, I don’t have access to calligraphy pens or nibs. Can I start with regular gel ink?

    • You can certainly fake it with gel ink, but you’ll find you’ll get the effect with a pen and nib. Maybe start with something from your local craft/hobby store?

  29. I would like to know more about the online calligraphy course please.

  30. Julie, I am 89 years old and still seeking to learn and do new things…new helps old brains. Just today I vowed to do 3 things..learn calligraphy/take watercolor lessons and clean out my craft and all things closet. Now thanks to you I am on my way to #1. 2016 is off to a good start Thank you Jere

  31. Hi Julie,

    I’m so excited to have found your blog for this. I need to learn something this soon as my wedding invitations need to go out at the end of the month and I am hoping that I will have mastered it by then so I can address them. I have already subscribed. Is there a way that you can email me the Upper Case alphabet too? Thanks so much! 🙂

  32. Hello julie and madi I would love to follow your course please send me the details. Many thanks Jenny.

  33. I just found this on Pinterest…I can’t wait to get started!

  34. Hey Julie,

    I am a beginner in Calligraphy and your blog is helping me a lot. Thanks for creating this tutorial.

  35. I want to learn calligraphy desperately I mean want to learn everything

  36. I am so glad that i found your site. I’ve been wanting to get back into Calligraphy for some time now. I starting learning way back in high school, but have not actually done it for several years.

  37. Would love to learn

  38. I want to learn calligraphy. Do you run courses?

  39. Hi Julie,
    I have looked at your courses with interest. I had taken an Italic course last year. Really fabulous teacher, very patient. I struggled through the whole class because I am left handed and my writing just looked average, in fact not great. The teacher went above and beyond to help me, but I write left handed, the upside down way and this made everything very difficult for me because I had to write with my hand down, not up. Any suggestions because I would love to take one of your courses?
    I am also a doctor, but have actually very nice left handed writing, contrary to what my profession is supposed to have!
    Please help!

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