\"How to learn calligraphy in five days\" written on a piece of paper with a vase of flowers next to it.

To say that I’m excited is an understatement. I’m overjoyed to take you on this journey of learning calligraphy with me. Over the course of the next 6 weeks, I’ll be sharing everything you need to know to learn calligraphy including step by step instructions, practice sheets & more. I, along with calligrapher Madi Sanders, have designed this to teach you calligraphy in 5 “days.” Today, we’re going to get you started with the basics, so you’ll have plenty of time to purchase supplies & start Day 1!

A vase of flowers on a table with a calligraphy pen and ink next to it.

Recommended Supplies:

Zebra G Nib {firm, great for beginners}

Straight pen {I purchased an oblique & immediately felt overwhelmed. The choice is up to you, but whatever you learn with should be what you continue to use for sake of ease.}

Tracing paper

Practice grid

Black ink {I use Higgins Eternal Black Ink}

Paper in varying weights

Most of these items should be available locally, but are easiest to locate online. I receive numerous emails about where to purchase supplies. While you can find them at numerous stores, this is one I have used.

Let’s do this! To get started, insert the nib.

A calligraphy pen being assembled.

A calligraphy pen being assembled.

Dip the pen in ink.

A calligraphy pen being dipped into ink.

You don’t want to see the hole after you dip. The first time may take a little more. When you fill the hole, remove the excess ink on the nib on the side of the ink jar. Notice that Madi stabilizes her jar with a roll of washi tape. Genius, right? Don’t forget to print your practice grids!

Next week you’ll learn the strokes, how to create varying widths & loops! Everything you need to learn calligraphy is within these posts, but you can subscribe here to receive a bonus practice sheet {goes out once a month}!

PIN the tutorial for later here:A vase of flowers on a table with a calligraphy pen and ink next to it, as well as someone practicing calligraphy.

The series, in order:

How to Learn Calligraphy

Getting Started

Back to Basics

The Calligraphy Alphabet

Practice Words

Practice Makes Perfect

Calligraphy Resources & Left Handed Calligraphy

Minuscules & Numerals

You may also like my online flower arranging workshop filled to the brim with beautiful centerpiece ideas you can recreate with step-by-step instructions.


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  1. I was wondering if it was a good idea to purchase multiples of a nib? Do they break easily or would ordering 1 be all I would need?

    1. They can break if you’re too aggressive. It definitely doesn’t hurt. I haven’t broken one to date, but then again, I’m usually enjoying a glass of wine while practicing!

  2. Do you know where I can find the pens? I’ve looked in stores like A.C. Moore and the have a handful of fountain pens but I haven’t been too successful in finding more than one fairly sad looking dip pen. Where did you find your pen? Btw, the second one pictured is very pretty.

  3. Hi. So excited to start this. I’m getting supplies online and am wondering is a Zebra Comic G Nib what you have?

      1. Hi! I printed the practice grid but it is too small 🙁 Yours looks like a letter size. What am I doing wrong?