Learning Calligraphy Minuscules & Numerals
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From the comments & emails I receive on the How to Learn Calligraphy series, I can tell you’re excited. I am particularly excited to share today’s printable in the calligraphy series – minuscules & numerals! I partnered with Shannan of Paperglaze Calligraphy to continue the series. I know that there is a more technical name for the font, but I love the wispiness of her modern calligraphy. Her lettering styles are so inspiring! Once you perfect a lettering style, it’s fun to learn a new one, which is exactly what you will be doing today!

Just a few reminders as we move forward with learning a new lettering style:

Don’t be afraid to go back. For your convenience here is the series, in order:

It’s okay to pick up your pen.

Practice a minimum of 15 -20 minutes a month or an hour + a lesson.

Subscribers received this printable as a surprise a couple weeks ago, but I’m making it available to everyone today! Click here to print the minuscules & numerals exemplar courtesy of Paperglaze Calligraphy. As always, PLEASE link back to the original post & not the printable itself. Doing so will just encourage us to share more 🙂

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  1. I am looking for the link for uppercase practice? I subscribed, but not sure what to do now 🙂 thanks so much!

    1. All workshops to complete the tutorial are included in their individual blog posts, however, 2 bonus advanced worksheets are emailed to subscribers once a month. Enjoy!

  2. Hi,
    I’m going through your posts to learn calligraphy but I’m unable to download the attachment file. Is there somewhere I can find and download them?

  3. Hi Julie!

    I would love to get all of your “how to learn calligraphy in 5 days” materials sent to me! I am so excited!


    1. They’ve all been released through posts. I recommend starting from the beginning & following from post to post in the area below. Enjoy!

  4. Some 30 years ago…as a young bride visiting my husband’s family in South Dakota, I learned calligraphy while watching a show on PBS… what else does one do during the cold winters?? I wrote a note “Bless This Mess” and gave it to my mother in law. She kept that sign up in her laundry/sewing/office for more than 25 years before she moved… Calligraphy is a fine art. Everyone should try their hand at it.

    1. What an incredible series that must have been, I wish they offered one now! There’s nothing more beautiful than a handmade gift that is cherished in the home!