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How to Learn Calligraphy | Minuscules & Numerals

Learning Calligraphy Minuscules & Numerals

From the comments & emails I receive on the How to Learn Calligraphy series, I can tell you’re excited. I am particularly excited to share today’s printable in the calligraphy series – minuscules & numerals! I partnered with Shannan of Paperglaze Calligraphy to continue the series. I know that there is a more technical name for the font, but I love the wispiness of her modern calligraphy. Her lettering styles are so inspiring! Once you perfect a lettering style, it’s fun to learn a new one, which is exactly what you will be doing today!

Just a few reminders as we move forward with learning a new lettering style:

Don’t be afraid to go back. For your convenience here is the series, in order:

It’s okay to pick up your pen.

Practice a minimum of 15 -20 minutes a month or an hour + a lesson.

Subscribers received this printable as a surprise a couple weeks ago, but I’m making it available to everyone today! Click here to print the minuscules & numerals exemplar courtesy of Paperglaze Calligraphy. As always, PLEASE link back to the original post & not the printable itself. Doing so will just encourage us to share more 🙂

Have any questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below! Unfortunately, I cannot respond to all direct emails, but I will respond to all comments! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my new business cards that I’m enamored with, along with more details from the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker Event!

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25 comments on “How to Learn Calligraphy | Minuscules & Numerals”

  1. Some 30 years ago…as a young bride visiting my husband’s family in South Dakota, I learned calligraphy while watching a show on PBS… what else does one do during the cold winters?? I wrote a note “Bless This Mess” and gave it to my mother in law. She kept that sign up in her laundry/sewing/office for more than 25 years before she moved… Calligraphy is a fine art. Everyone should try their hand at it.

    • What an incredible series that must have been, I wish they offered one now! There’s nothing more beautiful than a handmade gift that is cherished in the home!

  2. Hi Julie!

    I would love to get all of your “how to learn calligraphy in 5 days” materials sent to me! I am so excited!


  3. I love this site. i would love to learn calligraphy

  4. Hi,
    I’m going through your posts to learn calligraphy but I’m unable to download the attachment file. Is there somewhere I can find and download them?

  5. I am looking for the link for uppercase practice? I subscribed, but not sure what to do now 🙂 thanks so much!

    • All workshops to complete the tutorial are included in their individual blog posts, however, 2 bonus advanced worksheets are emailed to subscribers once a month. Enjoy!

  6. Only the link to the ‘miniscules and numerals’ brings me to a pdf that can be printed and downloaded. The other links to the practice pages only bring me to photographs. Am I doing something wrong? I realize it has been quite some time since you originally posted these blogs entries. Thank you!

  7. LOVE this series! I’ve been looking everywhere for easily accessible calligraphy for beginners and stumbled across this. Love all the printable and other resources. Can’t wait to get started!! Thank you!

    • Trying to get the lesson on minis cults an numerals. I’m new here and can’t figure things out yet plus I’m kind of a slow learner. Thanks for any help you can give me Vic

  8. I stumbled upon this site and it inspires me to do lettering and styles. I had studied this when I was in high school and using speedballs and didn’t give any interest on it. I had never thought that it would be my recent interest.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I have started mine.

  9. I was just thinking about learning calligraphy and here popped up your blog post. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jullie, I too am new to your sight and have attempted to download the grid ..however it only downloads in the smallest of size. I suspect I’m doing something wrong. I have signed up and can’t wait for newsletters and to get started learning calligraphy. Thanks

  11. I never thought calligraphy will be easy!

  12. I am learning Calligraphy on my own. I have done a couple of signs so far, and a few Bible verses. I love it. I have some parchment paper that I bought for the computer. It is perfect for Calligraphy. Will you be doing any signs for us to copy?

  13. Hi~
    I love your calligraphy .

  14. Thank you for sharing this beautiful art with all your fans and followers. My mother said I always wanted beautiful writing like “mommy’, when I was learning cursive in school. My mothers writing is actually a mix of printing &writing that resembles a “calligraphy effect” even when using regular pen, many people have kindly complimented my “writing style “which I have from years of practicing my moms  writing. I’ve wanted to learn proper calligraphy for almost 30 years now but raising a family &working, while caring for my mom has kept me pretty distracted, but no matter if it’s today or anther 30 years I will always have the urge to learn such a delicate, beautiful, and under appreciated lost art that I intend to keep alive for as long as I am & pass it on to whomever is interested! In a world of technology there’s something about having a cherished skill or art that connects us to our past. Sharing it is our way of keeping it going & you have done just that. Good job! Ty again 

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