How to Use a Calligraphy Pen

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Learn how to use a calligraphy pen including how to insert the nib and ink it.


how to insert nib and ink a calligraphy pen

Today’s lesson in my new Modern Calligraphy series in collaboration with Alicia of On Three Designs we are going to learn how to insert the nib and ink the pen!

If you’re just getting started, you can read more about which calligraphy pen is right for you here.

You can watch how to insert the nib and ink a calligraphy pen here:

How to insert the nib into a calligraphy pen:

  • Take the base of the nib {rounded part} and place it in between the metal ring and prongs at the top of a calligraphy pen. how to insert nib
  • Slide it in. Make sure it’s firm and doesn’t wiggle. calligraphy nib

How to ink a calligraphy pen:

  • Dip the nib into the ink. how to fill your nib with ink
  • Make sure you can’t see through the nib to fill the vent which is your ink reservoir. how to use a calligraphy pen

Easy enough, right? Now you’re ready to get started. Don’t forget to print your calligraphy paper here!

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