Learn calligraphy for wedding invitations
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We’re here! Today is the final lesson in calligraphy, honestly, it’s a few tips & reminders…you’ve already done the hard work. Thank you SO much for joining me on this journey & learning calligraphy with me. I know you’ve heard this saying all too many times before, but practice makes perfect! If you follow some of the great calligraphers on Instagram* {and you should, they share beautiful eye candy & inspirational quotes}, you’ll see that they practice too, & often!

Madi Sanders wedding calligraphy

Now that you’ve learned the basics, you can practice & explore fonts! I know you’ve seen fonts out there that you have been dying to explore. Do it! I’ve been busy pinning some gorgeous calligraphy alphabets for you, & myself, once I’ve mastered our printable alphabet.

wedding calligrapher Madi Sanders

A couple tips to keep in mind:

if you hear scratching, you need to adjust how you’re holding your pen

letter & word spacing are just as important as the strokes of a letter

again, it’s okay to start from the beginning

lift up your pen if you need to. no one will know but you

have different text weights of card stock that don’t feather or bleed

use a wet paper towel to clean your nib

you can never practice basic formation letters too much

have fun!

learn calligraphy with julie blanner

Who to follow on Instagram:

Madi Reid Sanders

Paperglaze Calligraphy

The Fozzy Book

Melissa Esplin

Laura Hooper

how to learn calligraphy

I hope you have enjoyed this series just as much as I have. I plan to do a follow up in a few weeks {ehmm left-handers too}. Subscribe here or follow on Bloglovin for more!

step by step calligraphy

Thank you Madi for all that you have taught my readers & I, Emily for the beautiful blooms & Jenny for documenting it all! Anything else you want to know? Leave us a comment below & we’ll be sure to answer!

The series, in order:

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The Calligraphy Alphabet

Practice Words

Practice Makes Perfect

Calligraphy Resources & Left Handed Calligraphy

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  1. Hi! I am loving these posts! I have been wanting to learn how to do calligraphy for a long time and this will help me along the way.
    I just subscribed and I was wondering if you could send the uppercase practice sheet?


  2. Hi Julie,

    Just found your website today and subscribed to your mailing list.
    Wonder if you could send me a copy of the practice materials?

    Much appreciated and your posts are very inspirational.


    1. Thanks, Angela! Welcome! They are sent out once a month. I hope you enjoy the tutorial. All other practice sheets are in the posts themselves.

  3. Hi Julie!

    Thank you so much for all the time you invested in putting together this wonderful tutorial!! I have been wanting to learn calligraphy for such a long time, and this is the perfect way to start! I found your tutorial after you finished it, and I was wondering if I could download the practice materials you offered exclusively to subscribers at the time of the tutorials! I would LOVE them! I subscribed to your site not too long ago, but I couldn’t figure out how to download those!
    Thank you so much for all you do!