Check out this curated guide to the BEST of Amazon Halloween decorations! We’ve done all the work for you, rounding up the spookiest Amazon items for indoors and out.

Whether you like the cute side of Halloween, or a touch of the scarier side, we’ve got it covered! From witch’s brooms to the cutest bats to cover your walls, there’s something for everyone.

An entryway of a home with wood floors and white walls, decorated with Amazon Halloween decor
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I’m so excited for the fall months this year! It’s fun to celebrate the spookier side of this season, especially as the girls have gotten older. Now they can appreciate all the fun, too!

Luckily, I’ve found Amazon to be an excellent resource for so many fun and festive seasonal decorations. I’m such a procrastinator that it’s wonderful to be able to find great last minute items and create something festive!

We’ve enjoyed decorating the lake exterior the past few years, bringing all the fun of fall to our weekend getaway. Bats, skeletons, pumpkins, candlelight and freshly fallen leaves… oh my!

This year, I wanted to add some simple, but impactful decor items to our primary home. I found the coolest bats, crows, rats and even a dancing witch’s broom.

A white living room decorated with Amazon Halloween items
The spooky seasonal art on our Frame TV changes frequently… maybe it’s haunted.

Amazon Halloween

No matter whether you’re decorating your home inside or out, there’s something amazing about being able to order seasonal decor at the click of a button!

All of these items were shipped to us so quickly, and I knew I had to photograph them right away.

Don’t skip the best of Amazon Home, Amazon Art, Amazon Gadgets, and even Amazon Gifts.

A white living room decorated with Amazon Halloween decor elements, with a spooky scene on the TV over the mantel
Learn Where to Buy Art for the Frame TV.

Today, we’re rounding up the very best of the options available for the season. I’m so excited to share these fun ideas with you!

Wood and white stairs, decorated with Amazon Halloween mice

Halloween can be whatever you make of it! Whether you like the softer, cuter side of the season, or you’re looking for a little scarier inspiration, we’ve got it covered here.

First, a few of my best tips for shopping Amazon!

A white door with a glass doorknob, with a gray Amazon Halloween mouse hanging from the knob


  • Move Quickly – Often, you’ll find that an item you added to your cart a week ago will be sold out when you’re ready to purchase. If you know you love it, grab it!
  • Prices can change! Keep in mind that Amazon prices can change at any time – and they frequently get higher with seasonal items especially.
  • Read reviews. Unsure about an item? Read through the reviews and check to see if any reviews show photos. This can help ensure that you’re purchasing an item you’ll love.
  • Multiple sellers. You’ll often find the same product listed with different sellers. Double check prices, sizes, and shipping times to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal.
White bookshelves with touches of black crows for Halloween

Fast and Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

Try a few of the following ideas to instantly bring the spooky into your home this season!

  • Grab a pack of the plastic rats (sourced below) and add them to your stairs, your door knobs, light fixtures, on top of art work, and more!
  • Add feathered friends. Spooky black crows are easy to add anywhere – even in your floral arrangements!
  • Tip your art to the side. It instantly brings a spooky feeling to any space of your home.
  • Change out your art work for scary scenes!
  • Add paper or plastic bats to the walls, indoors or out.
  • A life size skeleton can work anywhere – we’ve posed ours on the dining table, on our front porch, and so much more!
  • Use battery powered candles anywhere and everywhere. Instant ambiance!
White bookshelves with touches of black crows for Halloween


Here we go – our picks for the cutest decorations, shipped right to your doorstep.

A black crow hiding in a white vase of flowers for halloween decor
A black crow peeking through a white floral arrangement in the entryway of our home.


Such an incredible impact for the price – get 68 for just $4.99!

A brass light fixture with a gray mouse hanging from it for Halloween decor
A gray rat hanging from a brass light fixture in our home, for spooky decor.
black witches hats on a Halloween porch

Hanging Witch Hats


An entryway of a home with wood floors and white walls, decorated with Amazon Halloween decor
A dancing broom in the entryway of our home for Halloween.

There’s more where this came from. I’ve got all the best spooky decor in my Amazon storefront, linked below. Don’t miss out on the fun!

A white living room decorated with Amazon Halloween decor elements, with a spooky scene on the TV over the mantel

More Halloween Inspiration


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