Have fun with your Halloween decorations by adding a skeleton! They’re not just for benches anymore!

A skeleton on a dining table with fresh flowers

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Last year I wanted to execute the idea, but in a time crunch, I was unsuccessful finding a skeleton with the bones attached. I was delightfully surprised to find this not-too-creepy skeleton at Target last week and he’s been riding around with us since. Well, until I served him up for Halloween decorations.

A skeleton on a dining table with fresh flowers

We named him Bob. Bye, bye, Bob. He’s been making the girls giggle all week. Imagine their surprise when they came home from school today to find him laid out on our table.

Pretty Halloween decorations | Halloween entertaining

I’m always in favor of Halloween decorations that are slightly pretty, just a little creepy and not too cheesy. This Halloween table is perfect for entertaining dinner guests or as a backdrop to a buffet and it only takes 20 minutes to make!

A skeleton on a dining table with fresh flowers

I was really excited about creating this Halloween table setting, but also a little cautious. Would it be too disturbing? I turned to a couple of friends who said yes, but I was dead set on it and thought “what’s the harm?”

A skeleton on a dining table with fresh flowers

I’d love to know, do you love it or hate it? Don’t worry, you won’t hurt Bob’s feelings.

pink and blue Halloween flowers with a skeleton hand reaching up
a single apple on a white plate

To create your own skeleton table, you’ll need:

  • skeleton
  • small bud vases {I used beaker style vases found in the $3 Target aisle}
  • large vase
  • flowers {roses, thistle, seeded eucalyptus}
  • apples
a single apple on a white plate
  1. Position your skeleton however you’re most comfortable {or uncomfortable, if that’s what you’re going for}. I decided to position an arm/hand to hold a vase and the other arm to be reaching toward the large vase of flowers.
  2. Arrange your flowers, with the buds just above the neck of the vases. Disperse along the table on both sides of your skeleton.
  3. Add apples to each place setting and enjoy!
a single apple on a white plate
a single apple on a white plate
The best Halloween party ideas | skeleton buffet

I have a little more Halloween fun coming later this week…I hope to see you again soon!

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Halloween entertaining - beautiful Halloween table setting
fresh Halloween party decorating ideas
Pretty Halloween decorations

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  1. Even though is not a celebration that I like, I have to say that you did an amazing work by the color combination and make a skeleton look pretty and also make it match with the whole theme.

    1. I still laugh every time I look at it. The girls had breakfast with Bob this morning! I hope you have a great Halloween!