What Type of Basement Floor is Best?

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How to finish a basement on a budget

That’s the question I had to ask myself a couple months ago. I desperately wanted to extend the sand and stain wood floors we have on our main level to the basement but was concerned about the risk. In a basement, there are so many ways water can seep in – through the walls, floors, and windows. While the basement passed our home inspection and there was no notation on our seller’s disclosure, there appeared to be a few water marks on the cedar of the North wall that led me to explore our basement flooring options.

Of course, there’s stained or painted concrete, carpet, tile and sand and stain hardwoods, but I’m going to discuss a few other basement flooring options we explored when seeking a wood aesthetic:

Peel and stick vinyl plank wood. We used this for the basement flooring of our previous home. It’s perfect for lightly used spaces, to layer over existing vinyl and is very inexpensive and easy to lay. Did I mention it’s inexpensive? Oh yes, I did, but I still can’t get over the fact that we completed a large space for just $300! To give you an idea of how real it looks, I placed the product on top of our very expensive custom hand scraped wood floors.

vinyl floor that looks like hand scraped hard wood floors

Floors for a finished basement

A floating engineered wood floor interlocks and is sturdy and affordable. It’s modern and suitable for dry basements. It can expand when it gets wet.

Laminate flooring has always been a popular option, but it’s been my experience that it can scratch and warp.

After talking with our flooring guy who I truly respect and the flooring department at Lowe’s, I learned that locking vinyl plank is one of the most durable basement flooring options for spaces that have a potential of getting wet. It is so soft on foot but has beautiful, subtle lines that mimic hardwood. If it gets wet {like a water spill that the girls fail to mention or clean up, not that that would happen}, it dries and you’d never notice. We opted for locking vinyl plank basement floors so that in the winter they can roller-skate and ride their scooters without fear of scratching it.


the best basement floor options

basement stairs on a budget - brilliant way to save money

beautiful basement stairs on a budget

a beautiful finished basement with brilliant tips, tricks and ideas

A little paint and new floors have completely transformed this once dreadful basement, don’t you think? I love the worry-free environment we’ve created for our girls to play.



A huge thanks to Lowe’s, one of my long-time sponsors for partnering with me on this project to find the best basement flooring that suits our families’ needs. All ideas and opinions are my own.


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