Our Patio Makeover

LAST UPDATED: May 05, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Apr 30, 2013 | By: Julie Blanner
Makeovers don’t have to be expensive to be notable. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can improve the look of your home. When we moved into our house, we focused our time and money on the interior. I really missed spending time on our patio last summer and decided not to let this year escape me. After all, a patio is an extension of your home. I want ours to be a place where we can dine, entertain, enjoy a glass of wine and watch the girls play.
The biggest transformation can be in removal.
We removed a wood swing and patio set that didn’t fit our style, the space, and were rarely used, along with a bird bath. With a fresh start {and great Craigslist earnings}, we could get a fresh start.
A little cleaning can go a long way.
We powerwashed our patio. Honestly, I didn’t know what the color truly was until we did! It made a significant difference and gave us a fresh base to work with. The exterior of our home had numerous cable cords and irrigation lines that weren’t in use strung everywhere. We removed those, providing a clean streamlined look. Visit my inspiration post for more before photos.
Changing lighting alone can give a fresh look.
The dated light fixtures were next to go. Post lanterns are not my favorite for a patio, but without a lot of effort, electrical work, etc, I knew we had to work with them. We removed the post lantern lights along with the top half of the pole to make them fit in a little better. Can you believe that I found new post lantern mount for just $9.99 on sale?
I found this gooseneck galvanized light for $24.99. Hundreds less than I’ve seen them elsewhere. It gives the patio a little laid back cottage charm.
I added a few colorful, low maintenance flowers in the previously unused window boxes and along the edge of the patio as well as some clematis to cover the railings.

Around the patio, we used ground cover. It’s so effortless and I love the little blooms.

This ground cover is a relative of the strawberry plant!

And along the patio wall, a few maintenance free begonias.

I liked the shape and brass undertones of this fire pit.
Don’t you love the galvanized temperature gage on the left? Another great find at Lowe’s for $17!
The eucalyptus bench and chairs are a renewable resource and will only look better with time. I’m anxious for them to turn a silvery grey!
What I love about mini makeovers is that they don’t require a lot of time, money or energy. This was completed in just a few hours, but it’s made a significant impact!
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