Making an Entrance and a Multi-Purpose Outdoor Space

LAST UPDATED: May 21, 2020 | PUBLISHED: May 07, 2014 | By: Julie Blanner

When we purchased our home two & a half years ago, we looked at it as our forever home. We envisioned the girls {just Adalyn & Ani-to-be} having friends over in our walk out basement & my clients using the side entrance to my office, among so many other dreams.

We quickly learned that plans change & if you roll with them, life gets even bigger & better than you planned. Shortly after Aniston’s birth, we learned that we would be expecting our third child! It became very apparent to me that the life I designed for myself would be painted a little differently.

I stopped accepting wedding & event clients & was using my office less often everyday. I started transitioning it to a multi-purpose space {coming soon} & our lives took another turn – we made the decision to relocate. From there, we frantically worked to finish the house & design it to our vision, hoping that someone else would fall in love with it. 

I have so many exciting projects to share over the next couple months as we venture into the new chapter of our lives. Follow our house hunting adventure this week on Instagram & subscribe to see the dining room, exterior, sunroom, closet system & more!


Today I’m sharing how we gave our fence a facelift & created another multi-purpose area – outdoors! I’m always seeking ways to add function to our home in a beautiful way.

Since we initially intended on side gate offering a private entrance to my office, we added mulch & flat stones to create a path for guests to walk on. Of course, this was after the vines had been cleared from the siding & windows & unkempt rosebushes removed.

We had a couple “trees” trimmed back as well. Much to Chris’ dismay, I just couldn’t part with them, though they were neglected & overgrown.


Chris added stairs to make the entrance safe. I decided to leave them natural. I love naturally faded wood & can’t wait for them to age a little. If you look closely, you can see Ani watching the birds from the sunroom.


The sunroom/office is just off the kitchen, it’s also the nearest sensible space for an herb garden. I love keeping fresh herbs convenient for snipping at dinner {or cocktail} time! To mark the herbs, I used my diy garden markers.


Finally, we refaced our existing fence! Wood pickets are extremely inexpensive, but add a lot of curb appeal. We removed the almost lattice-like fence facing & replaced it with pickets for just 97 cents each.

Each one was pre-painted. Purple pansies offer contrast & a smile to create a beautiful garden entrance I’m no longer ashamed of!


I’m so proud of how far we have come. I love the home we created & the beautiful memories we have made here.

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