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Our Garden

a cottage garden filled with catmint, grasses, russian sage and yarrow

It happens every time. I make a quick run to the hardware store and somehow an array of pretty plants make their way into my car. Sadly, they don’t always make it into the garden. I have yet to figure out why they don’t plant themselves.

a cottage garden

I have purchased spring bulbs three years in a row with the best of intentions to plant them in the fall, but have yet to do so. Each spring I feel a little guilt with equal parts regret.

our garden filled with catmint, grasses, russian sage, lambs ear, roses and yarrow

For someone who loves gardening, I’m basically a gardening disaster without enough attention span to make it come to fruition.

garden path

A couple years ago, we tore the garden out and started fresh. It was a bit overwhelming and scary, especially when all the plants appeared so tiny. Was it ever going to look like a cottage garden? I had my fears.

our garden filled with catmint, grasses, russian sage and yarrow

Some things died. Some flourished. I realized that just like life, gardening doesn’t always go according to plan. You have to adapt, fill the void and allow others to fill you every once in a while too. When you surround yourself with beautiful souls, you too, will feel more nourished.

our garden filled with catmint, grasses, russian sage, lambs ear, roses and yarrow

In the next few weeks we’ll be pruning, adding mulch and a few more blooming beauties. When I begin to feel defeated, I reflect on where we started to see how far we’ve come in our journey to make the house our home.

exterior before


our garden filled with catmint, grasses, russian sage, lambs ear, roses and yarrow

outdoor decorating ideas - garage design

And those flowers that go unplanted? I think of them as hope. Hope that life will slow down or that I’ll set my phone aside in favor of embracing a little “me” time. Of course I get rid of the evidence so I don’t feel any guilt! Sometimes you have to grant yourself a little grace and just move on. That’s what this garden is about. As I watch the grasses blowing in the wind, I realize I should too.

garden ideas

We filled the garden with roses, yarrow, blue salvia, lambs ear, grasses, lilacs, butterfly bushes, catmint and lots of love.

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6 comments on “Our Garden”

  1. So pretty Julie! And we have a love of the same plants- we have been adding many of those this year as well.

  2. I had to laugh! You’ve described me (and my plant purchases) perfectly! Thank you for helping alleviate my guilt!! This year I pre-ordered nearly $200 in plants from a church fundraiser and had hand surgery 2 days before the pick up – lol, like those will ever get planted…sigh!

  3. Thank you for your sensible approach. Having just moved into a new home and trying to establish the yard, it can be overwhelming. I ordered a lot of bare root perinneals for the first time. Their initial appearance is certainly not hope inspiring. The reminder to “grant myself some grace” was powerful and spirit lifting. Thanks!

  4. Love this post Julie. Beautiful garden and beautiful words.

  5. That so beautiful!!! I wish i had a pretty garden like this. Nice work Julie

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