Learning Calligraphy Minuscules & Numerals
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From the comments & emails I receive on the How to Learn Calligraphy series, I can tell you’re excited. I am particularly excited to share today’s printable in the calligraphy series – minuscules & numerals! I partnered with Shannan of Paperglaze Calligraphy to continue the series. I know that there is a more technical name for the font, but I love the wispiness of her modern calligraphy. Her lettering styles are so inspiring! Once you perfect a lettering style, it’s fun to learn a new one, which is exactly what you will be doing today!

Just a few reminders as we move forward with learning a new lettering style:

Don’t be afraid to go back. For your convenience here is the series, in order:

It’s okay to pick up your pen.

Practice a minimum of 15 -20 minutes a month or an hour + a lesson.

Subscribers received this printable as a surprise a couple weeks ago, but I’m making it available to everyone today! Click here to print the minuscules & numerals exemplar courtesy of Paperglaze Calligraphy. As always, PLEASE link back to the original post & not the printable itself. Doing so will just encourage us to share more 🙂

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful art with all your fans and followers. My mother said I always wanted beautiful writing like “mommy’, when I was learning cursive in school. My mothers writing is actually a mix of printing &writing that resembles a “calligraphy effect” even when using regular pen, many people have kindly complimented my “writing style “which I have from years of practicing my moms ¬†writing. I’ve wanted to learn proper calligraphy for almost 30 years now but raising a family &working, while caring for my mom has kept me pretty distracted, but no matter if it’s today or anther 30 years I will always have the urge to learn such a delicate, beautiful, and under appreciated lost art that I intend to keep alive for as long as I am & pass it on to whomever is interested! In a world of technology there’s something about having a cherished skill or art that connects us to our past. Sharing it is our way of keeping it going & you have done just that. Good job! Ty again¬†

  2. I am learning Calligraphy on my own. I have done a couple of signs so far, and a few Bible verses. I love it. I have some parchment paper that I bought for the computer. It is perfect for Calligraphy. Will you be doing any signs for us to copy?