DIY Lavender Pots

I’ve always loved lavender for it’s beautiful scent and it’s ease, but was even more inspired by it during our trip to St. Helena last Spring.  I hope to find a little spare time this year to visit a lavender farm outside of St. Louis or in Kansas.  Anyways, potted lavender is a great gift, perfect for home and also make excellent shower favors.  Their fragrance is unmistakable and very welcoming.
paint {I used some spare leftover from a previous project}
foam brush
cactus rocks, optional
Paint your pots and saucers…this process just takes about 5 minutes per pot.  The paint dries quickly as well!
beautiful potted lavender gift with free printables via
Add your plant, fill the area around it with soil and add rocks if you wish.
As I mentioned, lavender is easy to maintain, however, I like to include care instructions when gifting plants.  Click here for the free printable.  There are several different varieties of lavender, but they all require the same essentials.
After snipping the blooms, you can dry them to make lavender mint bath salts.
If you want larger pots of lavender for your porch, patio, walkway or wedding ceremony aisle, check out my DIY galvanized planters!


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