Adalyn’s bedroom inspired by the Nutcracker Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

girls bedroom inspired by the dance of the sugar plum fairy from nutcracker
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There is no season more magical than Christmas and there is nothing more magical than seeing it through the eyes of a child. The gleam in their eyes, the excitement and anticipation – oh, it’s my favorite. I hope I never forget these moments. Each year I decorate the girls’ bedrooms for Christmas, often with them.

pink ballerina bedroom christmas decorations

This year I had Ani make a few snowflakes {because that kindergartener loves to cut} the evening before and decided to surprise them. Did I mention just how magical Christmas is through the eyes of a child?

pink Christmas decorations inspired by sugar plum fairy ballerinas

The girls returned from school yesterday afternoon and threw their jackets, backpacks, lunch boxes and shoes in all directions and ran upstairs. Normally that would be met with disapproval, but I was racing to see their reactions!

The cheers of joy and excitement were so sweet that it made cleaning beads out from under beds, wiping marker off furniture and picking up bits of paper worth it. I realized that decorating their rooms was the perfect opportunity for a deep clean.

girls bedroom inspired by the dance of the sugar plum fairy from nutcracker

To decorate each of their rooms for Christmas, I thought about what they love. Adalyn loves to dance. She’s sweet, sophisticated and if her tight buns are any indication, a ballerina at heart. Integrating a few hints of decor inspired by the Nutcracker Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy – which also happens to be one of our favorite Christmas songs.

winter christmas decorating ideas
pink christmas decorations

I incorporated a couple of pre-lit birch trees into the corner of her room and tucked the bases under her cozy baby blanket.

magical christmas decorating ideas with string lights
magical christmas decorating ideas with string lights
using battery operated christmas lights to decorate

One of my favorite inventions ever are starry string lights. I love the subtle twinkle and that they’re easy for the girls to turn off and on. I had considered purchasing the word “believe” for her wall but in effort to save time and money, I wrapped a set through a word on her wall quote to illuminate it. It was a free and easy way to decorate her room for Christmas. I feel we’re all too quick to purchase, especially as bloggers and I’m trying to make an effort to live a little more minimally because at the end of the day, it’s just stuff that consumes space 11 months out of the year.

girls bedroom inspired by the dance of the sugar plum fairy from nutcracker
girls bedroom inspired by the nutcracker sugar plum fairy

One thing I couldn’t resist though are these sweet ballerina doll ornaments reminiscent of the Sugar Plum Fairy ballerinas. I have a feeling they’ll grace her room all winter, if not all year. I paired them with Adalyn’s first pair of ballet shoes on her pin board. So simple, yet so sweet.

pink christmas decorations

Since Whole Foods has been giving the gift of peonies this winter, I purchased an extra bunch for her room. Peonies dry beautifully and feel oh so wintery for this Sugar Plum Fairy ballerina inspired room.

christmas decorations inspired by the nutcracker sugar plum fairy

When cleaning Adalyn’s room, I found a collection of ballerinas from the girls’ jewelry boxes in her little decorative bowl. I used the extra length of starry string lights to make them feel a little dreamier.

kids christmas decorating ideas

I can’t wait to share Ani’s and Isla’s bedrooms with you later this week. I took so many photographs, I need a tv show or two to edit them all. See you soon!

pink ballerina bedroom christmas decorations

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  1. What color did you paint the trim? What direction is this room facing? Absolutely beautiful, painting our daughters room today.

  2. So sweet! My daughters are 20 and 14, but I do remember that special look in their eyes and the excitement they had anticipating Santa. I was voicing not putting up a tree this year and both my daughters protested loudly. They still want the lights, decorations and wrapped gifts, even though they know what they’re getting:)

    1. They long for the traditions you’ve created for them – you must be so proud! Just have them help take it all down – my least favorite part. Hope you enjoy a beautiful holiday season.

  3. Julie, I love that dress! I just bought it for my daughter elysia and somehow seeing it here made me realize i’m on the right track!
    I loved, loved, LOVED this whole post… the Nutcracker is such Christmas magic and you have done justice to it so well.

    1. You are so sweet and hilarious Christina, thank you! I love those dresses. They’re so soft and comfortable they wear them to school. Hope you have a beautiful holiday season!