Multipurpose Furniture

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The best multipurpose furniture pieces that will adapt to your needs.

side table stool

There’s little I love more than multifunctional furniture. When decorating, I like to find pieces that can serve more than one purpose which gives them longevity in our home as our home or needs may change.

Beyond the sleeper sofa or daybed, there are so many versatile pieces that you can integrate into your home.

Multipurpose Furniture to consider for your home:

For example, at Calm Water Cottage {#calmwatercottage} a live edge wood stool doubles as a side table in the living room offering additional seating when needed, but most often a convenient location to set a drink. It can be also used as a small bedside table or plant stand. We’ve used it both indoors and out.

stool doubles as side table

In our family room, we used a bench intended for the end of a bed as a coffee table / ottoman. It’s slightly smaller size is a great fit for the small space. Soon, it will be relocated to our master bedroom as we update the family room furnishings.

Dining chairs can be used in a home office. I love mine because it easily rolls, but looks more refined than a typical office chair. When we’re expecting a lot of dinner guests, I use them at each end of the farmhouse table in the breakfast room or as additional seating in the family room, flanking the fireplace.

multipurpose furniture dining chairs

A bar cart makes a pretty entryway piece for hats, throws, flip flops and sunglasses.

multifunctional furniture

This multifunctional furniture piece can also be used as additional bathroom storage for towels, soaps and more.

multipurpose furniture

and of course, as originally intended, a bar cart!

uses for a bar cart

These luggage racks are perfect for the end of bed or used for additional indoor or outdoor seating!  They also make a great indoor tunnel for extra fun. Bonus points that you can fold them up and stow them away when not in use!

luggage rack stool

stools double as luggage racks

Finally, this little tray table can be used as an end table, serving piece while entertaining or as I’m currently using it, a plant stand.

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As always, you can shop our home here! What are your favorite multipurpose furniture pieces?