Monogram Wreath

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I thought of a million ways to go about this project, but am so pleased I chose this one.  It was simple and only took 20 minutes to create!  I was inspired by this baby shower in Martha Stewart.  I saved this image in my inspiration folder a couple years ago {go ahead, put one on your desktop and drop images in} for a later date.  Today was the day!  Unfortunately she didn’t include diy instructions for this wreath, but with a little imagination, it came to fruition!
Supplies: scissors, floral tape {I chose brown} and 2 bunches of flowers.
Step 1: Cut and lay branches out for desired shape/letter.
Step 2: If you’re using 2 branches to make 1, tape those together as minimally as possible.  Floral tape is so easy to work with and removable.
Step 3: Adhere your pieces together with floral tape.  Note that you need to go in every direction several times.  Press to seal tape as you do so.  If you’re not comfortable with this, you may use a touch of hot glue.
This “A” is for my daughter Adalyn’s first birthday party.  Isn’t is whimsical?

For more details on the 1st Birthday Party, click here!

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