Lavender Mint Softening Bath Soak

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Lavender next to the bath soak.
I never let anything go to waste – especially dried flowers.  Between my lavender tablescape and snipping old blooms from my potted lavender, I have plenty of dried lavender around.  Why not use it for a well deserved relaxing bath? This lavender mint bath salts recipe is perfect for softening skin.

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Bath soak ingredients
Using items I already had including a canning jar, sea salt, dried lavender, spearmint essential oil {from  my rosemary mint scrub} and espom salts I purchased for just $1 at the grocery store, I made beautifully scented and softening bath salts in just a few minutes! Here’s the recipe to make your own, perfect for an evening of relaxation or gifting a friend.
Step 1: Add a layer of sea salt in your jar
bath soak ingredients in a mason jar.
Step 2: Fill the jar with epsom salts, leaving a little room.  Break lavender buds apart and add.  I used about 5, providing plenty of scent and color.
Lavender mint bath soak in a glass jar.
Step 3: Put the lid on and shake well.
Lavender mint bath soak in a glass jar.
Step 4: Add 8-10 drops essential oil and shake again.
Essential oil being poured into a glass jar.
Relax and enjoy!
Pinecones next to a glass jar.
All natural.
Pinecones next to a glass jar.
Time: just 5 minutes!
I hope you enjoy this easy lavender mint bath salts recipe as much as I do! Don’t miss my array of homemade sugar scrubs and bath milk recipes.

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