Homemade Potpourri Gift

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  • I love gift giving just before Thanksgiving – before the hustle of the holidays, when it’s a little unexpected. I consider it a little “thankful for” gift. This homemade potpourri can be enjoyed on the holiday itself simmering on a stove top or all winter long in a dish. It’s a perfect project for a cold afternoon at home and will fill your home with fragrance!

    homemade potpourri recipe, perfect for holiday gifts

    A great potpourri begins with great grocery store ingredients. There are no right or wrong ingredients, it’s all a matter of preference, however, I love this combination of fruits and spices in fall and winter. They are both fragrant and beautiful, which makes them perfect for gift giving.

    easy potpourri recipe for fall and winter

    Cinnamon, cloves, star anise, oranges and apples – are you ready?

    how to make homemade potpourri

    Start by slicing apples and oranges thin. The thinner they are, the faster they will dry. Bake them in the oven until dry at 250 degrees by placing them on a cookie sheet in a single layer. Apples will continue to crisp once they’re removed from the oven. Toss with your spices and allow them to marinate together for a day before gifting. I like to store & gift mine in classic weck jars.

    easy potpourri recipe the perfect hostess gift idea

    potpourri ingredients for thanksgiving

    how to make homemade potpourri
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    Homemade Potpourri Gift

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    • cloves
    • cinnamon sticks
    • star anise
    • oranges
    • apples


    1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Slice apples and oranges thin, really thin. Place in a single layer on cookie sheets and bake for an hour and a half, check every half hour thereafter. Once dry, mix with your spices. Jar and allow to "marinate" for a day before gifting.


    Easy homemade potpourri - make your home smell like fall!

    TIP: Potpourri can be placed in a dish for up to a few months or boil 2 cups water, add potpourri and reduce to a simmer for one-time use. Get a little extra life out of your dried potpourri by using the stovetop method before disposing of it.


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