If you’re looking for a spectacular kitchen range that makes an impact both visually and with functionality, this is it! Learn all about our new ILVE range in this comprehensive review.

With a combination of aesthetics, affordability and performance, this beautiful line of appliances is one to consider!

A white kitchen with wood floors, featuring a white ILVE Majestic II range

When we bought our lake cottage, we knew that although the bones were great, we’d have a lot of work to do.

Fortunately, we’ve been able to gradually update this home from top to bottom, and still enjoy so much time at the lake. It’s a special place to us, and one where we spend many weekends, holidays and getaways.

Updating the kitchen was one of our bigger undertakings. We swapped out the old tile for new White Oak Floors, added Quartz Countertops, painted the cabinets and installed a new backsplash. Only one important item remained: the range.

We researched so much before buying our Lacanche range for our primary home, and we knew this range needed to work just as hard for our family. As a professional food blogger, appliances need to fill a lot of roles in our kitchen.

I’m so excited to get to cook with (and easily clean) this beautiful new range. Keep reading to learn how and why we chose an ILVE, what we love about it, and all the answers to your burning questions!

A close up of a white ILVE range in a kitchen with white cabinets and brass hardware

What’s ILVE?

First, you might be wondering where this brand came from, and how we landed upon this option.

ILVE (pronounced ill-vay) is an Italian brand of appliances with a wide range of styles for beautiful freestanding ranges, hoods and accessories.

Originally founded in 1952, this is a brand that has stood the test of time internationally, but only more recently entered the market here in the US.

Their ranges are commercial grade, beautifully made, and also available in an incredible range of gorgeous colors. The options are endless, and thankfully, they are a more affordable way to bring beautiful European styling into your home kitchen.

A white kitchen with wood floors, featuring a white induction ILVE Majestic II range

Why You’ll Love this Range

  • There are 213 incredible custom colors to choose from – choose wisely and pick one that you know you’ll love as much today as you do down the road.
  • Other trim finish metals are chrome, bronze and copper. I chose brass to work with our unlacquered brass hardware and bridge kitchen faucet!
  • ILVE is a proud producer of induction ranges, which are actually a more sustainable choice for home kitchens. They are great for cooking and are the next big thing in home kitchens!
  • However, they also make dual fuel ranges – with a gas cooktop and electric oven. Do your research to decide what’s best for your needs.
A close up of a white ILVE range in a kitchen with white cabinets and brass hardware

Our ILVE Range Details

Purchase your own ILVE range right here!

  • 36″ Majestic II
  • White (I was very close to choosing this beautiful blue grey color – what do you think, did I make the right decision sticking with white?)
  • Electric (Induction)
  • No Window
  • Brass Trim
A white kitchen with wood floors, featuring a white ILVE Majestic II range

Functional Features

  • Smooth Cooktop for easy cleaning
  • Induction Technology
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Fast Pre-Heat
  • Convection Oven
  • 3.5 cu. ft. Total Oven Capacity
  • Defrost Function
  • Warming Drawer
A white ilve range in a white kitchen


  • Ensure that your wiring capabilities are right for an ILVE – see note about electrical below.
  • Unbox your range and be sure to inspect carefully for damage before signing the Bill of Lading.
  • For cleaning your induction stovetop, simply use soap and water with a microfiber glass cleaning cloth, and polish to shine.
  • You can still use your cast iron cookware on an induction cooktop – just use it carefully.
  • Try a silicone mat for your induction cooktop to prevent scratches and make cleaning easier!
A close up of a white ILVE range in a kitchen with white cabinets and brass hardware

ILVE Range Electrical Specifications

One thing that’s important to consider when purchasing an ILVE induction range is that they require a four-prong outlet.

In our home (which was built in the 90s), we had to have new wiring added to accommodate this type of hook-up. It was totally worth it, but something that everyone should note!

  • 220 – 240 Volts
  • 50 Amps
  • 4 Prong Wire

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dual fuel range?

Dual fuel ranges combine the best of both worlds – with a gas cooktop and an electric range, you’ll get the right heating element no matter what you’re cooking!

What is difference between ILVE majestic and Nostalgie?

There are three specific ILVE range styles: Majestic, Nostalgia, and Techno. The Majestic features the old-world European style and can be induction or dual fuel. The Nostalgie is also a vintage-inspired style, but features gas cooking. The Techno is a much more contemporary and modern look.

Are ILVE ranges expensive?

In comparison to other high end European ranges, they are actually quite affordable. However, they are certainly on the higher end of ranges for home kitchens overall. Our 36″ ILVE lists for just under $7,000.

A white kitchen with wood floors, featuring a white ILVE Majestic II range

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  1. Hi Julie
    I’m about to purchase this same range and follow your lead by painting my kitchen cabinets Simply White. I’ve noticed there a few different whites available for the range so can you tell me what number range you purchased that goes best with the SW paint color?Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Sue,
      Ours is their “white with brass trim” option, item number UMI30QNE3WHG. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi Julie
    I’m about to pull the trigger on my ILVE range and wondering if you can tell the color number of your white range? I’m planning to paint my cabinets Simply White as well, but noticed that there are a few white options for the range, so want to make sure I get the range that goes best with that paint color. Thanks

  3. Morning Julie.
    I wonder if you would be willing to assist me. My kitchen has all your appliances. We purchased our unit with them all in 3 yrs ago.
    We have consequently run into problems with 3 of them. The worst at the moment being my oven.
    Yes, we have spoken to your service department, and left emails messages etc. With no success. I am currently running the oven blind. I cant tell what settings i am using…so its a guess the temperature.
    I seriously Need help. And just Cant get it. To be honest…. i am at my witts end. I dont know what else to do. Please help me.
    Brenda Van Bovene

  4. Julie
    I believe you mentioned that you originally were going to order the Blue/Grey ILVE range, but ended up with white. I’m building a new home and my designer (as well as friends) think I should order the Blue/Grey model since I’m going to have white cabinets. Can you tell me why you changed your mind to go with white, and if you are happy with that decison.

    1. I originally ordered a custom color (rather than the now offered darker blue/gray). They mixed up the RAL color and it arrived in electric blue with chrome knobs. The white has a shorter lead time and after the wait and mixup, I decided it would be best to play it safe.

      1. Thank you for the information Are you happy with the look of the white cupboards next to the white range? Some people seem to think the range should be “highlighted” due to its beautiful style. I’m not sure I agree with that, and interested what you think now that you are living with it on a regular basis.

        1. Hi Sue,
          We are very happy with it, but I do understand wanting an investment appliance to feel like a show piece! My initial order was for a soft blue color, and sometimes I do wonder if I should have stuck with that for a more unique style! But this one feels simple, calm and pretty to my eyes so I am happy for sure.
          Have a great week,

  5. I notice that you don’t have a vent above your range. Any issues there? I love the range!!!! Is there a warranty and do you have trouble finding people to work on it?

    1. Not at all! It hasn’t required any work, but anyone can service it and they offer recommendations for your area. It is a DREAM to cook and bake with! It’s so smart!