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  • Great idea for kids' bedrooms - a desk that doubles as a night stand {made from a console table}

    If you have been following along on Pinterest, you may have noticed that one trend I’m loving is a desk that doubles as a side table! It’s functional & beautiful, especially for guest bedrooms, children’s bedrooms & weekend getaways. These are just a couple of my favorites:

    Bedroom designed by Lauren Liess in Domino Magazine - the side table doubles as a desk

    Isn’t this bedroom designed by Lauren Liess everything?

    Side table that doubles as a desk for a guest bedroom

    Since my little girl is growing up & ready for both a night stand & desk, I decided to find a piece that would serve both purposes. After furniture shopping, I realized I needed to look to an alternative. I wasn’t quite prepared to pay $600 for a piece of furniture for a child’s bedroom, even if it does double duty. If you have seen Isla & Ani’s cribs, you’d know why! These from RH Baby & Child are gorgeous…



    I considered Craigslist, but didn’t find any pieces I loved & was worried Chris wouldn’t be pleased if I brought home yet another piece of furniture that needed to be painted! I thought about what I loved about these pieces & realized they’re similar to console tables! I found a console table at HomeGoods for just $119 & with a smile, asked Chris how much effort it would be to make it shorter. “Not much” he said as I took a breath in relief.

    Great idea for small spaces - a desk that doubles as a night stand

    To tailor a console table {or any piece of wood furniture}:

    Measure the height you want (in our case, it was 3″. I referred to other children’s desks to determine height).

    Using blue painter’s tape, tape the legs where you measured to prevent splintering/chips. (You should be cutting through the tape later)

    Remeasure & mark your height drawing a level line, on the tape.

    Using a circular saw, slowly cut along the line. Remove tape.

    Create a side table desk from a console table - a clever use of space to have a desk double as a night stand

    There’s still a lot of “touch up” to do to this room, but we’ve come a long way!

    Great idea for kids' bedrooms - a desk that doubles as a night stand {made from a console table}

    Do you have a piece of furniture you love that serves multiple purposes?


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