Get all the details on how to make a flower crown! This easy step by step tutorial will guide you through the process effortlessly. Save money with this simple, charming DIY flower crown tutorial, and add fresh flowers to their hair with ease!

Perfect for birthday parties, communions, weddings and more, these DIY flower crowns are the cutest addition to your celebration.

Find out where to buy the flowers, get a quick list of materials, and put one together yourself. These flower crowns will be the hit of the party!

A little blonde girl in a black dress wearing a diy flower crown in white and pink flowers.
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Sometimes I have so much to share that I just can’t decide what to do next! I’ve been feeling slightly over-inspired. Is that possible?

I think it’s the result of an incredibly rewarding month as a wife, mother and blogger. I feel so blessed to have such sweet children to celebrate birthdays with, a home we can make our own and yet another year I’ve been granted time on earth.

While I’m trying to determine what to share next, I’m also refining the project I want to start next! I’ve decided to leave the weekend with this diy flower crown.

When we threw the girls a birthday party in January, we wanted a sweet, classic, little girl princess theme. What easier way to turn them into princesses than their own crowns made from fresh flowers?

DIY flower crownds on a glass and gold table, with a poinsettia in a copper wine bucket.

As it turns out, flower crowns are expensive. In fact, the local florist quoted me $75 a piece for a single handmade crown. Not only was that out of reach for our one child, but I envisioned them as party favors… it just wasn’t feasible.

I knew there had to be a better way! I reached out to a florist friend and got to work. Today, I’m sharing the results and the easy step by step tutorial with you!

Flower Crowns

Adalyn and her friends enjoyed being princesses for a day, receiving flower crowns as the party started.  It was a simple way to make them feel special.

Each flower crown takes just a few minutes. You can make a few of them with just one large bundle of flowers and for children, several!

A brass and glass table with pink and white roses on flower crowns on top.

I varied the amount of flowers on each based on age. Since Isla was a “baby” {to me, at least}, I kept her flowers minimal so that it wouldn’t be too much weight for her.

The bigger girls didn’t mind the weight of the roses at all. In fact, one guest enjoyed wearing hers the next morning as she snuggled up watching cartoons. I think they were a success!

Similarly, don’t miss my floral chair swag post that gives you a tutorial to decorate the guest of honor’s chair with fresh flowers. It’s a great way to make someone feel truly special!

Learn how to make flower crowns - beautiful for birthdays, showers & family photos

Why You’ll Love this Project

  • Easy to Make
  • Save so much Money
  • Make the Birthday Girl feel Special
  • Perfect for Photos
  • Great Party Favor

I love making birthday parties feel special, but I also like to keep them simple. Check out my five Last Minute Birthday Party Ideas here!

A gold table filled with DIY flower crowns for party favors, poinsettia in the background.

What You’ll Need

  • Scissors – Any old scissors will do, as long as they are sharp enough to cut through stems and tape. If you want to invest in my favorite floral shears, that’s great too!
  • Floral tapeWaterproof floral tape is perfect for this, or you can also use this stretchy floral tape.
  • Floral wire – Choose a lightweight, yet sturdy wire for this project. We used this gold wire and it worked well, as it was very flexible.
  • Fresh flowers – For this project, we used Roses, Stock flowers, and a little fresh Jasmine. See my tips below for a great list of more flowers that will work beautifully for this project.
  • Optional – Many flower crowns also have ribbon trails at the back. Adding ribbon can be a good way to disguise your mechanics and create even more of a fairytale princess look.
Fresh flowers, gold wire, scissors and floral tape laid out on a wooden table.
White and pink roses and other flowers laid out on a wooden surface.

How to Make a Flower Crown

  1. Cut your wire to desired length either by measuring or adding additional length to size later. Shape into a circle.
  2. Cut your stems to no more than 2″, leaving plenty of room to tape, but not too much excess. Remove leaves/greens from your stems. Learn how to make a flower headband
  3. Lay your flowers out to gauge the design. Start with your largest flower near the front of the crown, offsetting it slightly. Secure it to the crown with floral tape, concealing the stem. *If you’re using traditional stretchy floral tape, make sure your tape overlaps. I used waterproof. How to make a flower crown
  4. Add your next flower over the first stem, continuing to wrap and overlap them so that stems aren’t exposed the crown appears full. Learn how to make floral crowns - a beautiful addition to any party!


  • Choose your Flowers Wisely – Hardy blooms are best for longer wear.
  • Timing – Flowers need water, so prepare crowns shortly prior to the occasion. You can make them up to one day before, but you’ll want to refrigerate for storage (details below).
  • Size – The key to making floral crowns without sizing heads is to leave plenty of length so that you can adjust them as you crown. I just wrapped the ends to hook them, which is really easy with the heavy bendable gold wire I chose.
  • Wire – Adalyn wanted gold wire and it worked incredibly well, but you have to be more cautious of covering your floral tape. My friend Emily of The Bloom Academy suggests using brown jute wrapped wire because it’s natural, beautiful, and conceals the tape well.

Fit for a princess, right? And so much easier than it looks!

A little girl in a black dress wearing a DIY flower crown.

Best Flowers for a DIY Flower Crown

Choose sturdy, hardy blooms and foliage to hold up through your event. Here’s a few great choices!

Three little girls dressed up for a princess party.

Where to Use these DIY Flower Crowns

Let your imagination run wild! These have so many fun uses.

  • Birthday Parties
  • Weddings
  • Baby Showers
  • Bridal Showers
  • Family Photo Shoots
  • Newborn Photo Shoots
  • Communion
  • May Day
  • Princess Costumes
A display of flower crowns on a glass table.
Where can I buy flowers for a DIY flower crown?

You can buy your fresh flowers at a local flower shop, or of course, at the grocery store. All of these suggested flower crown blooms are available if you’re shopping for Trader Joe’s Flowers, of course!

How many flowers do you need for a flower crown?

In this simple DIY flower crown tutorial, you only need an average of 4-5 blooms per crown.

How to Store and Make Ahead

  • Make the Day of – If you’re not going to package and store these, don’t make them more than 2-3 hours in advance of your celebration.
  • Make Ahead – You can make these DIY flower crowns up to two days in advance and store in the refrigerator.
  • To Store – If you’re making these in advance, simply place each crown inside a large zip lock bag. Mist with a few sprays of water and place in your refrigerator until you’re ready to use. *Be sure to store your flower crowns away from fruits and vegetables, which can emit gasses that can harm fresh blooms.
A little girl in a black dress wearing a DIY flower crown.,

I hope you enjoyed this DIY flower crown tutorial! If you make your own crown, please be sure to come back and share with me.

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