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Flower crown tutorial

Sometimes I have so much to share that I just can’t decide what to do next! I’ve been feeling slightly over-inspired. Is that possible? I think it’s the result of an incredibly rewarding month as a wife, mother & blogger. I feel so blessed to have such sweet children to celebrate birthdays with, a home we can make our own & yet another year I’ve been granted time on earth. While I’m trying to determine what to share next, I’m also refining the project I want to start next! I’ve decided to leave the weekend with a diy flower crown!

Learn how to make a flower crown - a beautiful favor to gift guests as they arrive!

Grocery store flower arrangements - how to make flower crowns

Adalyn & her friends enjoyed being princesses for a day, receiving flower crowns as the party started.  It was a simple way to make them feel special. Each flower crown takes just a few minutes. You can make a few of them with just one large bundle of flowers & for children, several! I varied the amount of flowers on each based on age. Since Isla is a “baby” {to me, at least}, I kept her flowers minimal so that it wouldn’t be too much weight for her. The bigger girls didn’t mind the weight of the roses at all. In fact, one guest enjoyed wearing hers the next morning as she snuggled up watching cartoons. I think they were a success!

Learn how to make flower crowns - beautiful for birthdays, showers & family photos

DIY Flower Crown - a beautiful party favor

The key to making floral crowns without sizing heads is to leave plenty of length so that you can adjust them as you crown. I just wrapped the ends to hook them, which is really easy with the heavy gold wire I chose.

Emily of The Bloom Academy suggests using brown jute wrapped wire because it’s beautiful & conceals the tape well. Adalyn wanted gold wire & it worked incredibly well, but you have to be more cautious of covering your floral tape. I love her step-by-step tutorials & think you will, too! She created really full, bright & beautiful crowns with an inexpensive grocery store bouquet that I used as my guide for this tutorial. You may recall from my floral chair swag post that since I was making these immediately prior to the party that the photographs are limited, but you’ll get the idea – it’s easy!

Flower Crown Supplies:

How to make flower crowns

Make flower crowns with grocery store flowers!


floral tape

floral wire


Flower Crown Tutorial:

  1. Cut your wire to desired length either by measuring or adding additional length to size later. Shape into a circle.
  2. Cut your stems to no more than 2″, leaving plenty of room to tape, but not too much excess. Remove leaves/greens from your stems. Learn how to make a flower headband
  3. Lay your flowers out to gage the design. Start with your largest flower near the front of the crown, offsetting it slightly. Secure it to the crown with floral tape, concealing the stem. *If you’re using traditional floral tape, make sure your tape overlaps. I used waterproof. How to make a flower crown
  4. Add your next flower over the first stem, continuing to wrap & overlap them so that stems aren’t exposed the crown appears full. Learn how to make floral crowns - a beautiful addition to any party!


hardy blooms are best for longer wear

flowers need water, so prepare crowns shortly prior to the occasion

Easy step by step tutorial to create your own flower crown

Beautiful idea for photos - flower crowns

Learn how to make flower crowns - beautiful for birthdays, showers & family photos

Adalyn takes posing very seriously!

Learn how to make flower crowns with this easy DIY tutorial!

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Learn how to make flower crowns - beautiful for birthdays, showers & family photos



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