DIY Dried Flower Wreath Tutorial

LAST UPDATED: Apr 25, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Mar 02, 2012 | By: Julie Blanner
With every change of season, I like to change my wreath. It’s March, and that means I am ready to take down my winter wreath. I wanted it to have a “fresh” look for the fresh season, even though I often use a dried wreath for convenience and longevity.
1 bunch of
1 bunch of dried flowers
twig wreath base
Hot glue gun & a glue stick
I started by removing excess stem and working the dried flowers around the wreath. 
I cut some stems shorter than others to fill in.  Tip: tuck them horizontally rather than diagonally to keep a good circular flow around the wreath.
Fill in where necessary.
Find those that seem out of place or that deviate from your wreath more than you would like.  Trace that flower back to the stem and trim.
Leaving 1.5″ on each stem, cut your flowers.
Once you decide where you would like them placed, dab a little hot glue on the bottom .5″ of the stem and insert it vertically.
Time: 30 minutes
This project is great for home, holiday and weddings.
And just so you know that you can do it, I’ve included a photograph of my toddler’s face {who was patiently observing} horrified at the mess the dried flowers made. This dried wreath was worth it, don’t you think?



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