Find effortless Christmas mailbox decorations to add curbside charm this holiday season, made in just minutes. Get inspiration for all types of mailbox Christmas decorations such as garlands, Christmas mailbox swags, and more.

Wrap a beautiful fresh garland up your mailbox for ease, or learn how to make a scarf and a Christmas mailbox swag from things you already have on hand!

These ideas are so easy, and you’ll dress up your home in just minutes.

A copper mailbox with Christmas mailbox decorations of a cedar garland and a red bow.
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‘Tis the season to decorate! Decorating your mailbox for the holidays is a fun way to make a great first impression!

I love sharing all the holiday fun with you! Did you know that I have over fifty of the BEST Christmas cookie recipes? And don’t skip my post on keeping live greens fresh for longer! 

This post is broken into three parts! First, you’ll see this year’s Christmas mailbox garland. Then you’ll find our mailbox swag from several years back. I’m also sharing my current favorite mailbox decoration sources (with links), for premade options you’ll love!

A copper mailbox with Christmas mailbox decorations of a cedar garland and a red bow.

Christmas Mailbox Decoration Ideas

You can create festive Christmas mailbox decorations in minutes! There are so many simple ideas for ways to add charm.

A copper mailbox with Christmas mailbox decorations of a cedar garland and a red bow.
This year’s mailbox was simply a cedar garland, wrapped up the post and tied with a grosgrain ribbon.

A mailbox is an unexpected place to decorate for the holidays, so fortunately, a little hint of Christmas goes a long way! 

A copper mailbox with Christmas mailbox decorations of a cedar garland and a red bow.

DIY Christmas Mailbox Swag

mailbox christmas decorations

This decorating project has become a favorite through the years, featured by Country Living and MSN!

christmas mailbox decorations a scarf wrapped around mailbox

You don’t even have to go to the store to create a little decor! In fact, you probably have most of what you need right in your own backyard. If you don’t, visit your local nursery or hardware store. They often offer tree trimmings free of charge!

Christmas Mailbox Swag Ingredients

how to make your own christmas mailbox swag
  • scissors or pruning shears
  • wire (floral or hardware, either will do)
  • greenery – You can “shop” from your garden or head to the hardware store if you’re looking for fresh. There are also so many options for good quality faux greenery now. Search “evergreen picks” on Amazon for a great selection. Here’s one that is so pretty and affordable! 
  • pine cones (there are pre-wired pine cones available on Amazon- these are a great example!) Or, consider buying the huge sugar cones! What an incredible statement! 
  • berries–  Another pretty option to add to your mailbox decorations? Berries! They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and can match the rest of your home’s decor so easily! Very charming and colorful addition.
christmas mailbox

Greenery Tips for Your Christmas Mailbox

There are so many fun options for greenery for your Christmas mailbox decorating project- whether you’re using fresh or faux! 


  • As I mentioned earlier, you can traipse through your own backyard for greenery clippings. However, if that’s not an option for you, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to find fresh greenery elsewhere! At the holidays, the large hardware stores will often save the lower branches of fresh Christmas trees in their garden centers, and give them out for free. Just ask! These stems are perfect for a project like this. 
  • Worried about the temperatures, and your fresh greenery drying out? Read my post on live greenery, and get yourself a bottle of preservation spray. Crowning Glory is a popular one! 


  • As I mentioned above, the longer (and thinner/bendier) the stems are, the better! This makes it so much easier to group your stems together in the steps below. 
  • Often, evergreen picks will come with a combination of all the items you could want for this project- including pine cones, berries and evergreen. Why not buy an all-in-one option? 
  • I have found that using faux greenery often looks better when it’s a mix of styles! Try mixing pine, cedar, fir, etc. This gives you a prettier drape and looks more realistic.

QUICK TIP: When purchasing faux evergreen for this project, remember that the longer (and bendier!) the stems, the better. It makes it easier to wind the greenery into a swag and attach it to your mailbox.

Christmas mailbox decorations | a step by step tutorial to create your own swag & scarf

How to Make a Christmas Mailbox Swag

  1. If using multiple types of greenery, use one type of greenery for the foundation, then add the second type of greenery.
  2. Pace your pine cones on top and add berries next to it.
  3. Wrap your wire around the base of your swag a few times, making sure you go through the pine cone.
  4. Using wire, tie your swag to create a beautiful Christmas mailbox. Learn how to make beautiful swag in just a few minutes!

How to Make a Mailbox Scarf

  1. Cut fabric to 1/2 or 3/4 width and 2 yards in length.
  2. Tie onto mailbox!

QUICK TIP: Of course you can use any purchased scarf, as well! Cutting your own is just an easy way to use up an old (or new) fabric to customize your look.

christmas mailbox swag and scarf

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Don’t want to DIY your own mailbox swag? Here are a few beautiful options you can order straight to your door!

A white graphic image with a headline that reads "Christmas Mailbox Decorations" and five images of mailbox swags
A festive Christmas mailbox decorated with a wreath and pine cones.

Holiday Cordless Mail Swag

A festive snowy Christmas centerpiece adorned with pine cones and pinecones.

30″ Christmas Swag

A festive mailbox adorned with a beautiful Christmas garland featuring delicate pine cones.

Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Mail Box Swag

A festive mailbox adorned with holly and pine cones, showcasing delightful Christmas mailbox decorations.

National Tree Wintery Pine Collection Mailbox Swag, 3 ft

Under $30!

A festive mailbox adorned with a Christmas wreath and pine cones, creating an inviting display for the holiday season.

Mixed Pine Mailbox Swag with Pine cones

A festive mailbox adorned with a christmas tree and pine cones, showcasing delightful Christmas mailbox decorations.

Lit LED Faux Arctic Spruce Mailbox Swag

More Holiday Inspiration

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