Cozy Christmas bedroom decorating ideas.

Close up of a wood dresser with a tray of holiday greenery.
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I love decorating bedrooms for Christmas – it just feels magical, and requires minimal effort. After all, isn’t that where you spend the most time? 

When you decorate your bedroom for Christmas, you wake and fall asleep with the feeling of Christmas magic.

Christmas bedroom decor with a pretty tree, soft wood dresser and art tv.
Christmas bedroom decor with a pretty tree, soft wood dresser and art tv.

Once again, I’m sharing our Christmas bedroom. You can find inspiration by visiting this year’s and last year’s Christmas bedroom!

Leather chair in bedroom with a cozy blanket for Christmas.

This year, we made one key change to our bedroom – we added a Frame TV! For years I’ve relied on a TV to help me fall asleep, yet didn’t want a little black box in our room.

So, I went from a small 20″ tv to a 43″ tv to fit the space.

Close up of a Frame art tv with a winter snow scene, christmas tree in bedroom.

And I have NO regrets!

For the holidays, I updated it with a snowy scene. Over Thanksgiving I added a photograph of the red cabin on my grandparents’ farm.

It easily transitions from one season to another – and with my moods!

When it’s not in use, it’s art, wrapped in an oak frame hanging flush with the wall.

Christmas bedroom decor with a pretty tree, soft wood dresser and art tv.

As somewhat of a minimalist, I don’t tend to spend a lot on decor during the holidays. I also prefer not to add a lot faux decor that consumes space the remaining 11 months of the year.

Instead, I infuse simple touches like a little swag created with juniper growing in our backyard. To create your own, simply tie two to three stems together.

I paired it with a tied with a remnant of the blue velvet ribbon we used throughout our home for the holidays this year.

Close up of a wood dresser with a tray of holiday greenery.

It’s a beautiful accompaniment to our wallet / ring tray.

Close up of a wood dresser with a tray of holiday greenery.

I repurposed the pre-lit Skinny Christmas Tree we used in our family room last year in the bedroom. Left undecorated it’s understated, yet magical. 

Close up shot of a Christmas tree draped with sparkling beaded garland.

Gold crystal garlands add to the shine. In lieu of a tree skirt I wrapped a cozy knit blanket around it.

Close up shot of a Christmas tree draped with sparkling beaded garland.

Just above the nightstands I replaced art with juniper wreaths. They add the most heavenly scent and texture for minimal effort. 

They juniper pairs well with our dusty blue linen bedding and quilted shams.

A soft blue and white bed with a black nightstand and Christmas wreath above.

You can see so much more of our home and go behind the scenes on YouTube!

For more Christmas bedroom inspiration, you can see our Christmas 2018 Christmas bedroom below and keep scrolling to visit my friends!

They always offer so many magical ideas!

bedroom with linen headboard and black nightstand

Y’all seemed to love the Christmas Lights in our Bedroom so much last year that I didn’t even try to top it. While I do miss those little pre-lit trees, I also have fun mixing it up from one year to the next. I once again took a simple approach to decorating our bedroom for Christmas.

christmas bedrooom wreath

Rather than adding Christmas lights, I added Christmas candles this year. They make a pretty display for the holidays and are not only set on a timer, but coordinate and turn off with the click of a button. Adding candlelight feels so magical for the holidays, especially as the sun goes down.

christmas candles

This year I also replaced the Framed Christmas Decor Tree Printable above our nightstands with fresh wreaths made of pepper berry, bay leaves and eucalyptus. It’s such a quick and easy change to replace art with wreaths and adds a lovely Christmas scent as well!

bedroom with linen headboard and black nightstand

I also hung a wreath on our window. There’s no reason for a pre-lit Christmas wreath when battery operated fairy lights do the trick! It subtly illuminates the wreath day and night making it feel festive.

window wreath
bedroom with wreath in the window

To make it feel warm and cozy, I added an additional layer – a linen and viscose quilt. It makes it feel like a quiet retreat, we just need a fireplace!

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive when sharing our fresh Christmas decor is how I keep it fresh. You can learn How to Keep Live Christmas Wreaths and Live Garlands Fresh here.

christmas wreath
christmas snow
bedroom with wreath in the window
christmas bedroom

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  1. This is such a powerful way to decor for the holidays and a great motivation for your readers to try and pare down on buying decor every year. I am really impressed with how beautifully and elegantly you master portraying the spirit of Christmas in your home. I am a rather new subscriber so I might have missed the post where you say where your dressers are from( if you ever did) , can I ask where you got them ? Thank you for sharing your ideas and videos.

    1. Thank you! The dressers are sadly no longer available. They’re the natural serpentine collection from RH, but if you search bow front or serpentine there are a few alternatives. Happiest of holidays to you!

  2. I love the fairy lights on the wreath! Great way to add some Christmas light feeling without having a Christmas tree in the room.