Honoring the Guest of Honor with Chair Decor

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A 5 minute floral swag tutorial  to highlight the guest of honor

It was just a couple hours before the party when I came to the realization that I haven’t showered, made lunch, decorated the cake or started arranging flowers. I am the ultimate procrastinator, even with things I love. I always think there’s more time than there truly is. It was no time to panic, it was time to put Chris to work corralling the kids while I got to work! Sometimes I struggle with balancing my family & blog. While I wanted to slow down & create beautiful step-by-step images, Adalyn was my priority & it was more important to make her birthday party special. It’s the hazard of creating for my family & not the blog. I hope you’ll overlook it & enjoy this tutorial.

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There’s just one day a year that you are truly celebrated, so I enjoy making it really special. When I was planning weddings, I’d often decorate the bride & groom’s chairs to differentiate them from other guests & their wedding party. The same applies for the birthday girl – a little floral chair decor to signify that she’s the guest of honor. We often decorate a highchair for baby’s first birthday, but why not decorate a chair for a 5th or 80th birthday? It’s so easy to create, in less than 5 minutes, of course!

Birthday chair decor - a 5 minute floral swag.DIY floral chair swag - beautiful way to celebrate the guest of honor

To create your own chair decor you’ll need:


thin floral wire

ribbon to disguise



Easy flower tutorials

  1. Lay out your flowers & decide how you’d like to layer them for reference. I chose to use just 2 roses & a stem of stock.
  2. Using the wire, wrap the second flower to your first, staggering it slightly. Wrap around several times & make a figure 8 between the stems so that it will remain stable despite the direction it’s hung.
  3. Repeat step 2 to add additional flowers.
  4. Trim your stems just below your wire, leaving plenty of room to hang.
  5. Hang with another piece of wire & conceal with a ribbon.

Time: 5 minutes                        Level: beginner

Simple tutorial to arrange flowers

Make a birthday special with a simple swag of flowers on the birthday girl's chair

I’d love to see your floral chair decor if you use this tutorial – just tag me on Instagram!



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