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While we live in Kansas City, I filed this under travels.  After all, it can be just as much fun exploring everything your city has to offer.  It’s funny, because after just 4 years of living here, many natives told me that I have seen more than they have.
Today we went to Deanna Rose Farmstead.  Adalyn loves to see the animals, feed the fish and the goats and of course, play on their many playgrounds.  I of course love watching her, but also enjoy the everyday inspiration.  Aniston, well, she just likes to relax and take a nice ride in the stroller.
First, the inspiration…this beautifully restored schoolhouse provides the same classic East Coast feeling I’m looking for with our home.  The door, is similar to what I would like for our front door.  The stone foundation has inspired me to investigate the process of covering our exposed concrete foundation with stone.  
A small white one room schoolhouse
The chicken wire and sign are both great ideas to incorporate into our cottage kitchen decor.
A wooden sign on a building
These beautiful blooms are enough to inspire any floral decor or bouquet!
A close up of a pink flower with a large yellow center
Here, Adalyn is quickly appeasing me with a photograph when really, she just wants to run back to see more prairie dogs.
A little girl standing in front of pink flowers
While at Deanna Rose, Adalyn spent most of her time peeping through fences…
A little girl standing in front of a fence
A little girl is standing in front of a fence
A little girl standing in front of a fence
A little girl holding onto a fence smiling
and watching pigs…
Pigs eating food
while Aniston just played with hers.
A baby playing with it\'s feet


A close up of a baby


So whether you’re at home or away, I encourage you to discover something new and play!