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Things to do in Bethany Beach Delaware {updated June 11, 2018}.
We have just returned from a short week at the beach.  I say that, because time goes much more quickly when you’re on vacation and it’s not 108 degrees outside!  We had so much fun, just relaxing and enjoying one another.
Each year we travel to Bethany Beach Delaware to visit my family and take in some much needed rest and relaxation.  In all of the places we have traveled in the states, it truly is one of my favorites.  Serene, clean beaches, lush landscaping, and lots of family fun activities.
It’s no surprise that TripAdvisor recently named Bethany Beach a Top Summer Beach Destination for Families.
Bethany Beach is a quiet, resort style area nestled off the coast of Delaware. It’s just as you’d imagine, quaint, prisitine and filled with family friendly activities.

Things to do in Bethany Beach:

The Bethany Beach Boardwalk offers shopping, restaurants, mini golf, frequent live music at the Bethany Bandstand and of course, beaches with bathrooms. The boardwalk is small, perfect for little legs.
Each morning and early evening dolphins {or porpoise} swim up and down the coast. Take a seat in the sand or on one of the white benches to catch a view. If you look carefully, you can see fins in the photo above.
You may also catch pelicans swooping in to catch fish.
Along the Northeast coast, Bethany Beach is slightly cooler than southern beaches offering a reprieve from the heat while still enjoying water temperatures plenty warm to swim and play in.
The sand is soft and perfect for play.

Where to Eat in Bethany Beach:

Matt’s Fish Camp

Blue Coast
Bethany Blues BBQ
Mangos {casual dining with waterfront views}
99 Sea Level {waterfront views}
Bethany Beach is the perfect family vacation destination! You can find more family friendly vacation ideas here!

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