Wild Horses in Chincoteague Virginia

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The past couple of weeks we spent traveling, enjoying some much needed relaxation and time together.  We added an excursion to Chincoteague Island, in Virginia, to see wild ponies, opting to skip the crowd of their annual swim. You may recall the book “Misty of Chincoteague.”

I have visited Assateague Island in the past, and despite walking several of the paths, we weren’t always successful in finding ponies. Fortunately, after a little research, we saw ponies on our first attempt and we didn’t even have to walk to them! {Anyone with 3 kids 3 & under can appreciate this}. I cannot even tell you how elated I was to see them! To the far right, you can barely see one that just crossed a small body of water. Please pardon our “we just survived another car ride” look. {Not shown in this photo, Isla}
There’s nothing more serene than watching the ponies. To see them yourself, visit the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge {$8 entry}. Continue past the visitor center on Beach Road and drive just past the 90 degree turn. There are two spots along there you’re likely to see them on a nice day.
If not, continue driving until you reach the corral on the right. I heard that the Woodland Trail has a pony viewing location you can often see them at, and it’s only a half mile walk. They also offer tours at 10 and 4 for those who have more time to spend there.
We were lucky to see two groups of ponies. If you still don’t seen any, there is a place you can feed ponies for just a quarter next to the McDonald’s.
Chris and I look forward to taking the girls back when they are older to bike along the numerous trails. There’s so much to do there, including bay, beach, bird watching, hiking, biking and more. If you’re looking for a place to eat or grab a picnic to go, don’t miss the Sea Star cafe! We enjoyed ours on site, waterside before driving to Williamsburg, Virginia!
Have you visited the islands?

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