Summer Salad

LAST UPDATED: Sep 02, 2019 | PUBLISHED: May 04, 2012 | By: Julie Blanner
I used to be disappointed when someone asked me to bring a salad.  I thought there’s no easy or cute way to present it and it’s not really “homemade.”  At home, I love to make my own salad dressings.  I have several jars stored in my refrigerator of the different concoctions.  Why not bring that to our next picnic?
Fresh spinach, fresh blue cheese, candied walnuts and strawberries.  Simple and colorful for a refreshing summer salad.
Always bring a salad dry, so that the greens don’t wilt.  A good salad dressing can be made from staples in your kitchen.  I love a red or white wine vinaigrette!
How to pack a salad for potlucks
I had these labels leftover from other projects/gifts.
I found these silver bowls at Dollar Tree – yes, I said it!  I love them because for $1, I can leave them there.  No one needs to rush, worry about dishes, etc.  They’re reusable or disposable, not to mention presentable!  For one large serving of salad dressing, I use little Ball jars – just $4 for 4 at Target!  You may remember them from my Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce.
Place the dressing on top of the salad for easy transportation.  As a new mother of two, a salad like this is also a great treat.  Most new moms are working hard to lose the baby weight and appreciate something light in lieu of another pizza night!
How to pack a salad for potlucks

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