Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing is sweet, tangy and oh so delicious! Apple Cider Vinaigrette is a homemade salad dressing you can mix in a minute that is full of fresh fall flavor and light in calories!

    apple cider vinegar salad dressing in a pourable dispenser next to a salad on a plate

    This Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing has been one of my favorites for the last 10+ years. It’s slightly sweet and pairs well with so many salads. It’s full of fresh fall flavor that you can enjoy all year!

    I don’t know about you, but with the humidity we’re experiencing in Missouri and school in session, I’m looking forward to fall. This time of year I start craving apple everything! Baked Apple SlicesApple Pound CakeSpiced Apple Ice CreamEasy Apple and Cheese Soup and so many more favorite apple recipes! It helps that they grow in abundance in Missouri – even in our own backyard.

    This Apple Cider Vinaigrette is a delicious dressing that is easy to mix up on a whim using staple ingredients. It takes just a minute or two to make. It’s so good you’ll ditch the store bought salad dressings! Real food just tastes better.

    apple cider vinegar salad dressing in a pourable glass dispenser

    All you have to do to make homemade dressings is combine the ingredients in a mason jar and shake. Simple as that!

    Apple cider is known for it’s health benefits…but I’m in it because it’s gooooood. It doesn’t hurt that it comes in at just 26 calories per side salad serving and just 3 carbs. But who’s counting? Certainly not me. If you’ve seen all my dessert recipes, you already know!

    It’s vegan, keto, and low carb.

    It’s rumored that there are a lot of health benefits to apple cider vinegar. It’s a staple in our home for a number of recipes, but it can also be used as a natural cleaning product, as facial toner and more! So if it’s not a staple in your home, it may be time to change that. 😉 

    Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing Ingredients

    To make a really great dressing, you just need a blend of acid, fat and emulsifier. In this recipe the apple cider vinegar serves as the acid, a hint of oil as the fat and dijon mustard as an emulsifier.

    • Apple Cider – this sweetens the recipe and creates a great consistency without adding fat (like using more oil would).
    • Apple Cider Vinegar –  the main ingredient gives this dressing a slight tang.
    • Oil – vegetable oil is neutral, which makes it ideal for this recipe, but a good quality extra virgin olive oil also works well.
    • Dijon Mustard – a little dijon adds a lot of flavor. I like using one with the seeds for texture. You can make apple cider vinegar salad dressing without mustard if you’d like. I know few are allergic or don’t particularly care for it. I’m not a mustard fan, but like the zest it adds to dressings. You’ll never get a mustard taste, promise!
    • Pepper – to taste. I use thick flakes of black pepper (in a grinder) for texture and flavor.


    • Make it oil free by replacing the oil with lemon juice or orange juice.
    • Make it sugar free by eliminating the apple cider and doing 1/3 c apple cider vinegar with 1/4 c vegetable or olive oil.
    • Sweeten it up using maple syrup or honey.
    • Add a hint of citrus with lemon juice.
    • Minced garlic or fresh garlic clove.

    How to Make Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing

    Seriously, it’s so simple any novice can create an incredible homemade salad dressing. It’s foolproof!

    1. Combine ingredients in a mason jar.
    2. Shake.

    Don’t have a jar? Use a food processor or whisk vigorously in a large measuring cup so that it’s pourable.

    Apple Cider Vinaigrette Serving Suggestions

    salad with apples next to apple cider vinaigrette in small clear glass pitcher

    While we enjoy it all year, the flavors of apple cider vinaigrette dressing lend themselves to a variety of fall infused dishes. These are some of my favorite ways to enjoy it.

    On salads, of course!It works well on a spinach salad, kale salad, quinoa salad and even pasta salad.

    Some favorite combinations include:

    • mixed greens, blue cheese, and candied walnuts 
    • pears, gorgonzola and arugula
    • mixed greens, shallot, roasted sweet potato and quinoa
    • kale, wild rice, butternut squash, dried cherries or cranberries, pecans

    As a chicken marinade to make Apple Cider Chicken. Use my easy Baked Chicken Breast recipe and it will be ready in less 10 minutes hands on time!

    To make coleslaw.

    As a dressing for Pasta Salad or Potato Salad.

    Toss with vegetables to roast.

    On chicken wings!

    I’m into everything apple cider like this Spiked Apple Cider with Bourbon and this Simple Apple Cider Bourbon Slush! You can’t go wrong with Apple Cider Donut Holes either! Fall has never tasted so good!

    apple cider vinaigrette in dispenser

    Apple Cider Vinaigrette Dressing Tips

    • Apple Cider Vinegar Dressing keeps up to two weeks refrigerated in an airtight container. Allow to rest at room temperature 20 minutes, shake and serve! This will allow the oil to separate and blend with the vinegar.

    If you love this apple cider vinaigrette recipe, you’ll also love these fresh, flavorful dressings:

    If you try this apple cider vinaigrette recipe, please return to leave a 5 star review!

    Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing

    Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing is sweet, tangy and oh so delicious! Apple Cider Vinaigrette is a homemade salad dressing you can mix in a minute that is full of fresh fall flavor and light in calories!

    Course Appetizer, Salad
    Cuisine American
    Keyword apple, apple cider vinaigrette, apple cider vinaigrette dressing, apple cider vinaigrette recipe, apple cider vinegar dressing, apple cider vinegar salad dressing, fall recipe
    Prep Time 3 minutes
    Total Time 3 minutes
    Servings 8
    Calories 26 kcal


    • 3/4 c apple cider
    • 1/8 c apple cider vinegar
    • 1/2 tsp dijon mustard whole grain, if possible
    • 1 tbsp vegetable oil
    • black pepper to taste


    1. Combine ingredients in a jar with a lid.

    2. Shake well.

    Recipe Notes

    Can substitute vegetable oil with olive oil.

    Nutrition Facts
    Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing
    Amount Per Serving
    Calories 26 Calories from Fat 18
    % Daily Value*
    Fat 2g3%
    Saturated Fat 1g5%
    Sodium 5mg0%
    Potassium 22mg1%
    Carbohydrates 3g1%
    Fiber 1g4%
    Sugar 2g2%
    Protein 1g2%
    Vitamin C 1mg1%
    Calcium 2mg0%
    Iron 1mg6%
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    Originally published October 2013, updated August 2019.
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