Stunning pieces are available in the new Studio McGee line with Threshold for Target. This affordable line is filled to the brim with stylish furniture, accessories and more!

You know I don’t typically do this style of post – but gosh, this line is so good and so affordable, I just can’t help but sing about it from the rooftops (and make my wish list!)

The Studio McGee at Target partnership with Threshold is full of neutral pieces that are easy to integrate into your home. You can do anything from a little refresh to a full makeover and still maintain a budget.

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Because Studio McGee style is a favorite around here, this post is continuously updated as merchandise availability changes at Target. Current update is December 27, 2022.

It’s all available at a fraction of the price of the Shop McGee online store – so pieces will go quickly!

Studio McGee at Target

When I design a space in our home, my goal is always to create a warm and cozy, collected vibe. One of the masters of this style is Shea McGee! Her designs always exude warmth, class, and a stunning mixture of neutrals and calming textures.

Today’s update is full of holiday cheer, and there are so many irresistible pieces! Grab some of your favorites quickly, while they are still available.

You can shop the complete line here!


  • Items Sell Fast! Keep in mind that the most popular items in each season’s release will sell out quickly. If you love it, grab it!
  • Set Alerts. If an item you love is out of stock, set an in-stock alert. You’ll be notified with an email as soon as the item comes back!
  • Some items ship, some are local. If an item is out of stock for shipping, expand your local search to look at nearby stores.
  • This post is organized into categories. Use the table of contents drop down menu to jump directly to the products you’re interested in viewing!

Pillows and Bedding

Woven Striped Border Throw

This beauty is just $21 on clearance right now!

Studio McGee Target Wall Art and Mirrors

McGee and Co has always been known for their wide selection of beautiful art, but now it’s at an affordable price!

When the last collection launched I quickly purchased a couple pieces that would have cost hundreds of dollars if purchased elsewhere!


These pretty pieces are the perfect blend of rustic and modern. They feel warm and special, and I can’t wait to incorporate these into both of our homes!

Wreaths and Greenery

These pretty greenery options can add life to your home all year round!

Studio McGee Target Lighting

The lighting is a new addition to this season’s lineup and I am in love! Loving the seagrass pendants and lamps, the prettiest gold finishes and even pendant chandeliers!

Studio Mcgee Target Furniture

This is the kind of accent furniture I have dreams about! Clean lines, traditional finishes, and the prettiest textures… it’s the perfect way to add warmth and elegance to your home in the coming months!

A striped fabric cube from the Studio McGee line at Target

Plaid or Striped Cube

So many new patterns – $100


These beautiful patterns and textures are the ultimate way to add warmth and beauty to your home. I’ve written about Vintage Turkish Rugs, The Best Pet Friendly Rug, and Where to Buy Pillow Covers before… and this line makes it so easy!

Don’t miss my Mcgee-inspired Amazon shop!

I’d love to hear from you! Are you excited about any of these beautiful and affordable pieces to your home? I know I will be clicking add to cart as soon as I can!

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  1. I’ve been looking for your gold lamp that’s tall and has a gold shade can’t find it at any target can you help me please

    1. Hi Lizabeth!
      Which lamp are you referencing? If you can tell us which room it’s in, we can try to get you a link!

  2. Wow, amazingly gorgeous. Don’t know what I love the most. I love you style. Thanks for sharing

  3. I appreciate this post so much. Thank you!!!! Beautiful, practical and affordable.
    I’m excited to get a few things to enjoy! 😉

  4. Your are right this items are to good and dining table look gorgeous specially the plates. thanks for sharing the post.

  5. These items are beautiful and definitely my taste. The problem is here in Canada we do not have Target, Walmart H&G products, Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s, so we don’t have access to these products (exchange and S&H are prohibitive). However, it’s nice to dream and I love your home and style.