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Kitchen Sink Organization

Easy and beautiful kitchen sink organization ideas for the minimalist or utilitarian.

kitchen counter organization

As you know, I love hearing from you! Today, a reader, Victoria, said she’d like to know more about the area around our kitchen sink.

kitchen sink organization

She said, “I can’t help but notice how beautifully organized your kitchen sink area looks in the last picture. Would love to see a future post on that! I feel like my sink area looks like a cluttered mess (between hand soap, dish soap, sponges, etc), but your sink area looks so organized and minimal. Would love to know how you keep that area looking so neat and tidy. Also your paper towel holder is so gorgeous!”

One of my greatest tips for organizing is to live in a space first. Our kitchen sink organization has evolved a little over the past 9 months as I discovered what worked best for our family.

what to keep on your kitchen counter

I can tell you what doesn’t – having to get dish soap and a scrubber out from under the sink each time we need to wash dishes. It makes what feels like an already dreaded task feel even more daunting. While I’m somewhat of a minimalist, there’s always a balance of maintaining clean, clutter free countertops and accessibility. When it comes to doing dishes, accessibility wins every time!

Having our dish soap in a bottle with a pump makes doing dishes a breeze. Rather than picking up a bottle with often messy hands, I can pump it directly into the sink or dish. It’s those little things that help maintain a tidy space. I also love that it doubles as hand soap.

keep kitchen counters clean

Over time I learned that it was so convenient to have the dish soap there, but was tired of hiding a real life necessity, the dish scrubber! So, I purchased a tray from RH to protect our marble counters.

Another necessity {for me} are paper towels! I’ve tried so hard to eliminate them, but cannot live without, at least in this season of my life. And I’m tired of hiding them! Why are they such a faux pas? I considered having a roll built in above our trash in a drawer, but it didn’t feel that accessible, especially when messy little hands need them. I also considered having it built into the bottom of my upper cabinets, but then it would consume valuable dish space, not to mention having a “step” inside the cabinet would be a bit awkward for storage, so, I have a paper towel holder. There, I said it. I’m not at all ashamed and I’m not going to hide it. Instead, I found a pretty paper towel holder that graces our countertops.

kitchen couaster organization ides

When configuring your kitchen sink organization, think about how you use the space and what your needs are. Then, how you can make those needs aesthetically pleasing. For me, I love the pretty little stoneware tray and wood dish brush. Your counter space is valuable, anything that isn’t used regularly can be stored in cabinets and drawers to create workspace.

Thanks, Victoria for inspiring today’s post!

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12 comments on “Kitchen Sink Organization”

  1. I also keep my dish detergent in a pump container by the sink. It’s in a lovely, handmade pottery vessel that my daughter gave me. I keep a mild “natural” dish soap in it and also use it to wash my hands. I do keep some stronger dish detergent under the sink which I use occasionally. Love your kitchen!

  2. Looks beautiful! My DBF does the dishes and prefers a sponge (not my choice, but I’ll compromise if I’m out of dish duty!) Have you seen any good looking storage in plain sight type options for a sponge? Btw before he moved in, I was scrubber all the way!

    • Hilarious! Do you have a tilt below the sink for a sponge? If not, I’d probalu leave it in the sink or buy a natural sponge you can place on a tray (Amazon). Whatever you do, keep him happy!

  3. your countertops are amazing!! I’m swooning!

  4. Hi, what dish/hand soap do you use? could you link it?

    • I purchase these bottles of dish soap at Home Goods / Marshalls / TJ Maxx and use whatever is in there first, then refill with Seventh Generaton’s clear unscented. Enjoy!

  5. Love this so much! Thank you, Julie. I am so inspired to clean and organize the area around my sink now 🙂 It is thoughtful of you to do a post based on my inquiry! Your home and your images are so beautiful. Thanks again!

  6. Sharing on my weekending post! I am obsessed with figuring out a clean sink. laura

    5.0 rating

  7. Hi, I am so inspired to clean and organize the area around my sink now. I keep a mild “natural” dish soap in it and also use it to wash my hands. I do keep some stronger dish detergent under the sink which I use occasionally. Love this so much! Thanks for the sharing this.

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