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Mint Milk Bath Recipe

The best milk bath recipe to leave your skin feeling soft and nourished.


Now that Halloween has passed, I’m starting to think about gift giving again. I truly enjoy making gifts that our friends, family and girls’ teachers will love.

After sharing some of my favorite sugar scrub and bath salt recipes with you, I decided it was time to share my favorite milk bath recipe. Of course, it involves spearmint. Something about its scent just puts me at ease. This of course is a great gift for yourself too!

milk bath recipe homemade holiday gift

What is milk bath?

Milk bath is an additive to water that can be fresh or powdered.

What are the benefits of milk bath?

The lactic acid in milk is an alpha hydroxy acid dissolves proteins that hold dead skin cells together, allowing them to be released. It leaves your skin looking and feeling more youthful and fresh.

What ingredients are in milk bath?

This milk bath recipe gets back to the basics requiring basic ingredients my Grandma always had on the farm. In fact, it’s said that Catherine Parr and Elizabeth I of England used milk baths in effort to look young!

It consists of {dry} milk, corn starch, baking soda and essential oil. My Grandma would use those ingredients in addition to her aloe plant to cure just about any problem.

homemade holiday gift with free printable labels

I’m also including a free printable label today. Kraft paper is not only on my must have craft supply list, but it’s also my favorite for holiday gift wrapping. It just feels classic and timeless.

homemade hostess gift with free printable labels and easy recipe

The jar lid left beautiful impressions on the milk bath – is so soft.

bath milk recipe with free printable labels - great for hostess or holiday gift giving

Click here for the  free printable mint bath milk label

homemade hostess gift with free printable labels and easy recipe

homemade mint bath milk recipe and free printable labels

Don’t miss my lilac milk bath recipe for spring & summer & see how I included it in a Mother’s Day gift basket.

How to make milk bath:

  • 1 c powdered milk
  • 1/4 c cornstarch
  • 1/4 c baking soda
  • 10 drops essential oil {I chose spearmint}

Mix dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl.

Add essential oil to preference {keep in mind that it will be diluted in the bath tub}

Stir well.

Add the mixture to your jar and allow to sit at least 24 hours before enjoying.

pinterestHomemade milk bath recipe & free printable label for gifting



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70 comments on “Mint Milk Bath Recipe”

  1. This looks like an absolutely lovely gift idea! I am vegan and am going to attempt to do the recipe with dried soy or almond milk 🙂 I had one question if I may, where did you get those jars, love them! Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Brigid! I’d love to know how that works, please share! Of course! They are standard Weck jars, so typically anywhere you can purchase canning supplies, including Crate & Barrel & Williams-Sonoma. Enjoy!

  2. Great and simple DIY gift. Inspiration for the holidays!

  3. What a lovely idea. I love weck jars.

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  5. This sounds amazing! Can’t wait to try!

  6. On the baking soda…. 1/4 teaspoon, table spoon, cup….?
    I’m looking forward to sharing this!!

  7. I love this idea so much!!! Thank you for posting it.
    I thought I’d mix it up right now and see how it works. I’m not sure how much baking soda to add though. Is it a 1/4 Cup? It probably is, isn’t it?

    Thank you for posting such a great idea! I’m so excited to start making gifts for my list!!!

  8. This looks and sounds so great! I totally get what you mean with the relaxing mint! Your blog is really great, keep up the good work! Ruth xxx

  9. Serving size? Is it one jar per bath, or a certain amount? I’m thinking the Christmas gift idea would be fabulous 🙂

  10. Love this idea for teacher’s gift.

  11. I love this idea as a cute DIY gift for the holidays! I think I’m going to pair it up with a few other spa like items to make a cute spa gift basket for a great friend of mine. My question would be though did you find yourself fighting little clumps of the powder when adding the essential oil in or should you keep a whisk handy as your mixing the oil into the powder? I know when I’ve done this with a baking soda mixture for my carpet the oil tends to end up in little balls as soon as it touches the powder making it look a bit clumpy.

    • Not at all! It remains light and fluffy because its not the base of the mixture. You should pair it with one of my sugar scrubs! Maybe the rosemary mint or lavender mint. Enjoy!

  12. What a great idea. Can’t wait to try it! Just wondering what the possible shelf life might be?

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  14. How much do you use per bath? It smells devine. Great use of things I already had at home being a No Poo girl!! Super easy!! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Such pretty pictures!

  16. This simple recipe makes a beautiful, silky bath milk. I made some as part of a gift for my far away daughter for Christmas but am just about to make another batch for me. Thank you.

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  20. I love this idea, Julie! It’s a great reminder that making bath products at home can be easy. You have such a beautifully laid-out blog here. I’m in awe–its gorgeous.

  21. I’m totally trying this one out! This is really awesome. Thanks so much, Julie!

  22. What a great idea! I love Weck jars:)

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  27. Can you add Rosemary? Or is that something you really don’t want going down the drain? Maybe large sprigs?

  28. A silly question: How to use it?

  29. Where did you get the glass jars if I may ask?

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  32. I plan to make this today and I can’t wait to try it 🙂
    I was wondering..what is the purpose of the cornstarch?
    Thank you

  33. Hi Julie,
    Is non-fat powdered milk ok or should I keep looking for full fat powdered milk? Thanks!!

  34. Google brought me to you and now I am hooked! Quick question: Do you think that I could combine the Milk Bath Recipe with Epsom salt? I love how the salt softens the water and wondered if the 2 together would make an ultra luxurious bath experience. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  35. Hi I absolutely love this milk bath idea but would like to know if you can use different essential oil scents coz my sister loves lime milkshakes and I thought she would absolutely love a lime milk bath…

  36. Hi great recipe! Roughly how much do you put in each bath?!

  37. Hi can you add food coloring for a little color

  38. Hi Julie, I’m trying to make a milk and honey bath. If I follow your instructions above but omit the essential oil and pop in a tablespoon of organic honey instead, will it dry properly?

  39. Hi Julie . Ever since I found your blog several months ago, i have been making this recipe every week ; one jar for peppermint wake-up bath and one for get – sleepy lavender bath . I adore the way it makes my skin feel . Thank you❤️❤️

  40. Would I be able to is powdered coconut milk instead of regular powdered milk? I’m looking to do something for my sister that is vegan…

    • I haven’t tested that, but if it’s a good substitute in recipes it should work the same here – please do come back and let me know how it works for others, thank you!

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  42. How much of the 1 1/2 cup milk bath mixture do you use per bath?

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