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Meltaway Cinnamon Sugar Muffins

Amazing melt in your mouth muffins - these cinnamon sugar donut holes are a family favorite!

When I made Barefoot Contessa’s baked cinnamon sugar doughnuts, I couldn’t get over how they just melted in your mouth. Much like the Tastefully Simple cinnamon sugar muffins I made years ago from a package. Knowing not everyone has a doughnut pan, I wanted to adapt the recipe to recreate those little muffins. In the name of research, I had to do a lot of taste testing. It’s the hard part of my job. However, the doughnut recipe has been adapted and I found the perfect cinnamon and sugar to muffin ration.

melt in your mouth cinnamon sugar muffins

 Best when served warm, but I promise, you won’t hate them even a day later!
Just 10 minutes hands on time and you’ll be enjoying these melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon sugar muffins aka meltaway muffins!
To see how easy this cinnamon sugar muffin recipe is, watch the video below.

Meltaway Muffins

Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 12 mins Total Time 17 mins



  • 1 stick butter, melted
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon & 1/2 c sugar mixture


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Combine dry ingredients. Set aside.
  3. In a large mixing bowl, beat egg, milk, butter & vanilla.
  4. Gradually beat in dry mixture until moist.
  5. Grease mini muffin pan {easier without liners} and fill each just over ⅔ full. Bake 12 minutes. Allow to cool 5 minutes.
  6. Remove muffins from pan. Coat muffins in butter, then roll in cinnamon sugar mixture.
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52 comments on “Meltaway Cinnamon Sugar Muffins”

  1. Hello, I have seen these on pinterest, but notice that the method is only partially written on your blog. Im sure its obvious what follows mixing the ingredients together, but I would love to read the rest of it and give these bad boys a try!! Many Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. I wanted to pin these but the recipe is incomplete. Please fix it so we can all try them. Thanks in advance.

  3. I am SO sorry! I’m honestly not sure what happened. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. They have an addictive quality!

  4. Thanks for fixing it. These really look so yummy. The blog gremlins just happened to you. :-).

  5. Not going to lie…if I lived closer, I would stop by Julie’s home daily. She makes me feel like a kid going to the grocery store, running directly to the bakery, and ringing the bell for a free cookie treat. Every time I stop by to see Julie, there’s some delicious creation that I get to taste test. This particular one is so easy and amazing, I’m going to try it out this weekend for my family. It’s so addictive.

  6. Can I make these in a regular size muffin pan?

  7. How many muffins does your recipe yield?

  8. I just made these and they were delicious! The recipe gave me 10 regular-sized muffins and I needed to cook them for about 19 minutes to completely cook through.

    • You’ll have to borrow a mini muffin tin sometime, Diane-the cinnamon sugar to muffin ratio is heavenly! Glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Love these! A family favorite!

  10. I just made these mini muffins this past weekend. I have to say hese are beyond fabulous. I also made a batch with cardamon instead of cinnamon…OMG.

    Question…mine didnt look pretty like yours after rolling in butter and sugar mixture the melted butter somewhat saturated the sugar mixture. Any suggestions.

    This is a recipe I will never part with. Thank you for sharing.

    • So glad you enjoyed them! I give them a heavy coating of cinnamon sugar, but don’t let he butter drip so that they don’t get that clumpy look. Does that make sense?

  11. They look yummy.

  12. How many mini”s does this make?

  13. I made a double batch of these today for a party. They are all gone! Delicious. What a great recipe. Now I want to try one of your ice cream recipes. Thanks again! Anne

    • I wish I could limit myself to just 1-2 mini muffins, but they’re SO addictive! Thank you so much for your kindness and feedback. I hope you have a great weekend, Anne!

  14. These are adorable! Perfect for breakfast!!

  15. The recipe isn’t complete…would love to make them!!

  16. Can I make these in full size muffins?
    If so, how long would they bake for?
    Thanks, Carol

    • You can, but I have only tested baking time for mini muffins {because I like the cinnamon to sugar ratio}. I’d check at 15 minutes, but they may take 18-20.

  17. I need to make a lot of mini muffins for a church Christmas breakfast and saw these and they would be perfect. Can you freeze these? Before or after the cinnamon sugar?

  18. These look amazing! Hoping these will work with a gluten free flour blend. I’m not sure how the recipe directions reads for the cinnamon sugar mixture? What are the ingredients and measurements for the cinnamon sugar mixture?

    • See “topping” under the ingredients. Please let us know how the gluten free flour blend works…I’m sure other readers would love to know as well. Enjoy!

  19. These are delicious. I’ve made them three times in two weeks. I added extra cinnamon. They freeze great, but warm out of the oven is the best. Thank-you for sharing the recipe.

  20. These are delicious! I’ve made them three times in two weeks. They freeze well, but are best right out of the oven. I added extra cinnamon. Thank-you for sharing the recipe.

    • I’ve never shown enough restraint to have any left to freeze. I’m so glad you enjoy them and truly appreciate you taking the time to share! Have a great week!

    • Thanks, Ruth! Do you mind clicking on the star rating to help other readers? I’d really appreciate it. Hope you have a great week!

  21. Hi! Should these be completely cooled before rolling them in the butter and cinnamon sugar mixture, or does it work better when they are still a little warm? Thanks!

  22. How exactly do you coat them in the butter?

  23. Made these mini muffins this morning. They came out perfectly round on top & were fluffy & moist. They were absolutely delightful. This recipe made it into my recipe box; thanks for sharing it!

  24. These muffins are simply divine!  A family favorite!

  25. My absolute favorite thing I have learned to make from Julie Blanner

  26. I made these today, but I had to tweak it a bit because I didn’t have the same ingredients.
    I used whole grain flour and replaced the sugar in the muffins with maple syrup, also didn’t have eggs so I used a flax egg (1 tablespoon ground flax with 3 tablespoons of water), added an extra heaping 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, and a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. 

    For the cinnamon sugar to roll the muffins in, I used coconut sugar because I don’t have any white sugar. 

    I baked for 14 min. They were very fluffy! So good! Thanks for this idea!

    5.0 rating

  27. This recipe works out perfectly. I’ve made them three times. Recipe is fool-proof!

    5.0 rating

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