Do It Yourself Halloween Treat Bucket

LAST UPDATED: Feb 14, 2020 | PUBLISHED: Oct 21, 2013 | By: Julie Blanner
Chris is always asking me why we can’t just purchase things as-is. First of all, where’s the fun in that? Second of all, I loved how my mom made so many of my Halloween and dance costumes growing up. It made them so much more special than anything store bought. So, here I go with another easy DIY project. I made Adalyn and Aniston an owl treat bucket to coordinate with their costumes, for just $2 each. It took just 20 minutes and a little love. You can adapt this is SO many ways to coordinate with your kids’ costumes.
treat bucket
spray paint {I love Krylon short cuts for quick projects & plastics}
glue/glue gun
ribbon or rope
Remove the plastic handle with a snip.
Lightly spray the interior of your pumpkin, followed by the exterior. 1-2 short coats.
Cut your felt pieces. I didn’t use any patterns, just my eye. If you’re looking for perfection, you’re on the wrong blog. This is nap time, and we don’t have time for that! Pre-glue your eyes and flower.
Using the lines on the bucket as your guide, glue your ears to the interior of the bucket.
Again, using the lines of the pumpkin, glue the eyes and continue from there. I glued the eyes, beak and flower down completely, while just lining the tops of the feet and wings so they can stick out/flap.
Cut a large piece of ribbon {or rope} and roll to insert through the hole. Pull through a good length.
Tie a knot, cut the end of the ribbon and do the same for the other side.
and enjoy those smiling faces!
Look at those sweet lil feet.
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