DIY Stainless Steel Makeover

Transform ordinary appliances into stainless steel with this easy & inexpensive DIY via
I have a confession to make.  I’m not always the most patient person.  I thought I could live with black appliances for a year in my all white kitchen, but I barely made it a week.  It just stuck out in the otherwise bright space.  Fortunately, I found a simple and reasonable fix. Here are the details for our DIY stainless steel dishwasher…
DIY stainless steel appliances via
A few dollars, a little time and patience, we transformed our black dishwasher into one that looked like stainless steel. What do you think? Friends and family didn’t even know it wasn’t truly stainless steel.
DIY Stainless Steel Dishwasher - update appliances for just a few dollars
Stainless Steel Contact Paper: Lowe’s $5.00
Credit Card
Razor blade
A Project Partner
Transform ordinary appliances into stainless steel with this easy & inexpensive DIY via
1. Cut a piece of contact paper 3″ longer than required.
2. Open your dishwasher {or other appliance} door and start at the edge.  Line the paper up with the top, peeling only an inch or so of the backing off at a time.  Partner 1: Start at the top, slowly working your way to the bottom using the credit card.  This will eliminate most bubbles.  Partner 2: hold onto the contact paper with a little tension to keep the paper from adhering. If you should end up with any large bubbles, just pull back and try again.
3. Once you reach the other side and are happy with your result, trim the excess off with a razor blade.
4. Remove any bubbles working them out with a credit card.
Transform ordinary appliances into stainless steel appliances with this easy & inexpensive DIY via
I’m extremely pleased with the result.  It provided some cohesion to the kitchen, making it feel more modern.  We’ve come a long way!  Don’t miss our recently transformed kitchen and take a tour of our home full of diy projects.For more everyday inspiration, follow me on Bloglovin and Facebook, pin with me on Pinterest and go behind the scenes on Instagram.
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