Would You Purchase a Used Rug?

LAST UPDATED: Sep 03, 2019 | PUBLISHED: Oct 19, 2016 | By: Julie Blanner

tips for purchasing a traditional rug

I love traditional rugs, but they can be so expensive. 5 years ago, I started my search for a traditional rug, it was eye opening. So many wool rugs are in the thousands, especially if you want anything sizable. Fortunately, I was able to find the exact rug I was seeking for significantly less by using these tips and have been able to find a few other quality wool rugs like this one, but so many exceed my budget given the three young girls and old pup that run around our house.

tips for purchasing a rug

I thought about my friend Liz’s childhood home and how beautiful her mom’s rugs are. They have aged so gracefully through the years and have been in style through the 80’s, 90’s and today. And all of those favorite Nancy Meyer’s movies I can’t get enough of. I mean, look at these rugs! I can tell that they were an investment, but they add so much more character than most you find in retail stores.

tips for purchasing a traditional rug

A couple years ago, I started searching for clean, used rugs on Craigslist and estate sales {and even perused a bit on eBay}. I set alerts and occasionally, something intriguing would pop up {learn how here}, but I never seemed to find the right size and color scheme. So, I turned to Etsy and found this little store. I started small – I ordered a traditional rug for our powder room and it exceeded expectations! It arrived within a few days, clean and just as described. It was perfectly worn and nearly 100 years old, which was just what I was seeking.

Small bathroom ideas - a beautiful traditional half bath remodel

traditional bathroom

Next on my to do list is the master bedroom. I started searching for rugs and found one that was perfect, over $5,000, but otherwise perfect. Chris.would.die. I turned to the Etsy store I had purchased at once before and voila, found the perfect rug in size, wear, muted colors and quickly purchased. 3 days later, this beauty arrived!

tips for purchasing a traditional rug

perfectly worn rug that aged gracefully with time

This used rug adds a lot of character to our room and makes me resent the carpet slightly less. I’m anxious to have wood floors installed after we renovate our adjoining master bathroom and reconfigure the floor plan. Until then, this beauty will minimize the carpet and I can just dream how she’ll grace wood floors.

where to buy a traditional rug

where to find a traditional rug

antique traditional rug that's perfectly worn

Would you buy a used rug?