A set table with pink and orange flowers on it.

When I first moved to Kansas City, I only knew a handful of people. One of them being Ali, who I met through another great friend, Cristina. She welcomed me with open arms & immediately made me feel at home. So much has changed in the nearly 6 years since I moved here {2 homes, 3 kids…}, but my friendship with Ali has been a constant. She has been so kind & caring to our family, that I was elated when she announced she was having one of her own! Our girlfriends & I decided a brunch baby shower would be a great way to celebrate her & baby boy-to-be.

A set table with pink and orange flowers on it.

We celebrated at a local restaurant, so decor had to be quick & easy to set up, yet elegant. I wanted it to be as colorful & cheerful as Ali. Not one to stick to traditional boy/girl colors & noting that this  was a celebration of Ali & baby to be, I wanted to integrate pinks into yellows & blues. A quick look at the before:

Beautiful shower ideas including easy to make flower arrangements, ways to personalize and how to host at a restaurant

See the difference 15 minutes makes?

A set table with pink and orange flowers on it.

I love shower decorations that are personalized for the guest of honor. I contacted her photographer & included one of her maternity photos in the “Hello Baby” banner I had customized. It also made a quick & easy backdrop to set up {not shown}.

A set table with pink and orange flowers on it.

The table runner was also personalized. I don’t typically use a lot of “paper” products, however, this table runner is an exception! It’s made of vinyl, doesn’t crease & wipes clean/dry. I like using table runners to layer. It adds a lot of color & interest to a table.

A set table with pink and orange flowers on it.

Emmy-Ray nailed the flowers! I pictured soft yellows & pinks with pops of hot pink & a hint of wispiness, & she didn’t disappoint! The julep cups & mercury glass blended Ali’s traditional taste with the modern restaurant. They were filled with garden roses, peonies & tulips. Follow Emmy-Ray on her blog Handmaker of Things here!

I filled silver baby booties with blooms that also made great keepsakes!

A set table with pink and orange flowers on it.
Personalized baby shower decorations & tips for decorating
A fake calligraphy name tag on top of a white plate.

I wrapped flag stickers around grey striped paper straws & added place cards to complete the look.

A water cup with an \"oh baby!\" straw with pink and orange flowers behind it.

I was able to completely transform the space & photograph it in just 20 minutes.

Personalized baby shower decorations & tips for decorating

We had a great time celebrating Ali & can’t wait to meet baby!

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  1. Hi Julie! I am just testing my luck here since I see this post was from years ago.. I am very curious though, did you pay for everyone’s meals? I am contemplating having a “baby sprinkle” for a friend that I recently met (Army life) and I thought inviting all her friends out to one final “girl’s day out/ brunch” would be best.. but I am not sure what the etiquette would be. Do I pay for everyone’s meal? Will they be expecting me to? I have never met any of her other friends since we all just moved here, and there will be 10+ women. TIA for any insight!

  2. Hi Julie I just found your lovely blog after looking for some inspiration for a baby shower (both of my daughter’s are pregnant). Yikes! We are planning to have a shower in a restaurant and I love so many of the touches you shared in Hosting A Baby Shower in a restaurant. I really liked the table runner and matching place cards. Do you recall where you found the runner?