Shabby Chic Pinboard

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There are few things that give me greater satisfaction than a project that I a) complete quickly, b) is inexpensive and c) that I couldn’t be happier with the final result.  I needed one more item to complete Adalyn’s wall decor for her bedroom.  I decided a pinboard was best because we could add and remove photos, artwork and miscellaneous items frequently and easily.
DIY instructions:
I had a scrap of osnaburg fabric from another project, though I believe I paid about $3/yard for it.
I purchased the above cork board for $40 after a coupon. {Hint: When visiting Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, always print a 40% off coupon before you go!}
Using a knife, pull staples ALL THE WAY up so that they are flush with the frame.
Iron your fabric and lay it on a large, flat surface.  I would usually use a staple gun for the next part, but if your husband is anything like mine with tools, you’ll know why I used pins.  I looked everywhere and couldn’t locate it.  However, I was determined to complete this project asap!  Using pins, I pulled the fabric taught over the cork board and pinned it in several locations, pinning corners back as well {10 pins overall}.  I inserted the fabric covered cork board into the frame, bent the staples back into place to hold it into place and was done in 15 minutes!
This project is also great to pin seating assignments for weddings and special events!  To see more of Adalyn’s bedroom decor, click here.

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