Everything you need to know about calligraphy paper and free printable calligraphy practice paper download!

calligraphy paper
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Want to know a little secret? You don’t need calligraphy paper.

Think about it – you’re learning calligraphy to write on envelopes, stationary, etc. You don’t need special paper to get started.

calligraphy grid

However, calligraphy paper or even quality paper can be helpful for practice. What makes a paper suitable to learn calligraphy is low absorbency which prevents bleeding. Since we’re not doing anything fancy yet and just practicing, any paper will do. If you want to work with a nice paper that won’t bleed, I’m sharing a few reasonable sources {all less than $10} below!

practice paper calligraphy

Best Calligraphy Practice Paper:

  • quality printer paper {to prevent bleeding} – again, any paper will do, but this printer paper doesn’t bleed and you get 250 sheets of practice!
  • Rhodia notepad – a notepad can help you measure your progress along the way. Sometimes it’s nice to look back and reflect to see how far you’ve come.
  • calligraphy paper is available at most craft stores and online. It’s commonly used and offers a smooth surface for the new strokes you’ll be learning.
calligraphy paper

To get started, print this free printable calligraphy practice paper on any of the calligraphy paper options above. This lined paper is a great practice guide to help you achieve the angle you need.

calligraphy paper practice grid

Soon we’ll be sharing how to insert the nib, how to ink your pen and how to apply pressure to achieve those thick and thin strokes that are synonymous with calligraphy, so make sure you subscribe below and don’t miss out on the free subscriber only printables to come!

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