Get the secrets to find and arrange faux flowers that look like you just gathered them from your garden. Artificial flowers are better than ever, and today we’re rounding up all the prettiest stems available!

large vase of flowers in cream kitchen with brass light fixtures
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For years I have almost exclusively decorated with fresh flowers – bud vases in each bathroom, statement arrangements in the entry, living room and kitchen or breakfast nook.

It brings me so much joy. I can’t resist picking up a bouquet of fresh flowers at the grocery store or cutting from the garden and adding a little life to our home.

However, faux flowers offer longevity, convenience and can look surprisingly real! They look soft, romantic and add so much charm.

White faux flowers on a round white end table.
Faux hyacinth flowers on an end table in our living room.


pink and white faux flowers in a white  vase

What to Look for in Artificial Flowers

  • Soft, Realistic Colors – Slight variations make them look more realistic.
  • Various Stages of Growth – Real blooms have a combination of buds and blossoms. Look for stems with a little variety.
  • Imperfections – Nothing in nature is perfect. Imperfections add interest and
  • High Quality Faux Flowers – High end stems tend to look more realistic.


Compare a faux stem to a fresh bloom to find the most authentic faux flowers.

How to Arrange Faux Flowers to Look Real

  1. Use One Type of Flower – Simplicity is elegance and effortless!
  2. Hide Stems – Arrange in pottery (over clear class) to conceal the stems. While the blooms appear real, stems can give them away since they often appear fake.
  3. Bend Stems – Bend stems, don’t cut them to achieve the height you want without sacrificing the length for future use.
  4. Less is More – A single arrangement of artificial flowers in your entry, bedroom, bath, or living room makes a maximum impact.
White faux flowers in a scalloped bergs pot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most realistic artificial flowers?

Real Touch blooms are often considered the most realistic, and they are made of a latex polymer vs traditional silk blooms. It truly comes down to personal preference and finding a natural look that works for your style.

Are fake flowers tacky?

For many years, fake flowers were considered a tacky home decorating decision of years gone by. However, the retail market has changed – and there are so many beautiful artificial blooms available now!

What is the best artificial flower material?

Flowers made of silk tend to be the most high-end and look the most realistic in your home decor.

faux flowers next to stack of books

The Best Faux Flower Sources

A white hydrangea faux flower stem


This white hydrangea is so realistic! I love that hydrangeas take no effort at all.


I adore this pretty new white concrete vase and use it with a variety of stems!

A white pottery style vase from A Floral
A white pottery style vase from A Floral

Cream Vase

An oversized vase that makes a statement. Ideal for an island, dining table, coffee table or entry.

White faux flowers in a scalloped bergs pot.

Faux Magnolia



Faux Magnolia is wonderful for both fall and winter, with a rich shiny green leaf on one side, and a velvety brown on the underside.

A vase of faux flowers on a table next to a mirror.

Artificial Greenery and Branches

Faux flowers in a white vase in front of a gold mirror

Faux Orchids

a white faux flower orchid in a pot.

Drop in Orchid

I love that this is so effortless!

Bamboo Cachepot

This pretty ceramic cachepot adds so much texture to our kitchen.

A white ceramic bamboo cachepot on a white background.

Artificial Flowers for Spring

A green and white stem of viburnum faux flowers


These fluffy blooms have movement, and breathe a little spring into your home.

Faux flowers in a white vase in front of a gold mirror
A faux flower cherry branch on a white background.

Cherry Branch

While the cherry branches we have in our entry are sold out, I love this beautiful 40″ version!


These lilac stems look and feel real in the prettiest purple hue.

a purple lilac faux flower stem against a white background.
White faux flowers on a round white end table.

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  1. I have been searching on your website for your end table you are showing with the faux flowers but have had no luck (the white one with the gold ring hardware). Can you tell me where you got it? Thank you.