Unsightly cords and cables dangling from the TV? Let me show you how to hide TV wires! No matter what kind of wall your TV is mounted on, there is a way for you to hide TV cables.

Concealing cords will help your space feel put-together and clean! No more unsightly mess of wires, and everyone’s happy!

A living room with a white painted brick fireplace, with the tv handing over a mantel to hide tv cords.
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This post was originally published November 5, 2012 and updated with fresh details and content April 28, 2021.

When we upgraded to a 50″ flat screen tv in our previous home, the only place it fit was above the mantel. I know I’m not alone in the fact that this big black box is an eyesore in my eyes.

In a room full of calm, collected home decor and furnishings, a giant black tv isn’t my idea of a good time. However, I like to watch that tv of course, and I really wanted my husband to be able to enjoy it while somehow blending it into our neutral living room.

The television became the focal point of our room, so I did all I could to minimize its presence. That started with finding a way to hide tv cables.

Similar to most projects I do, I assessed the entire wall, noting where outlets were and what features were on the sides of the fireplace surround.

Since our fireplace surround is brick, drilling through the walls and passing cords behind the wall was not an option. Additionally, I couldn’t have cords going straight down the wall because there was a fireplace underneath.

Why You’ll Love this Easy Method to Hide TV Cables

  • Anyone can do this. Yes, anyone!
  • Easy afternoon project
  • Inexpensive – no carpenter required
  • So much less chaotic to see the wires everywhere

It was a big compromise for me to allow a tv above the fireplace. But my husband and friends convinced me that he deserved the tv of his dreams. Psst… if you want to learn about our new tv (the tv of MY dreams) come over and read about the Frame TV here!

How to Hide TV Wires the Easy Way

There were built-ins on either side of the TV, so I decided I could work with those. I needed a way to get the cords to one of the built-ins. From there I could channel the cords discreetly inside the built-ins to an outlet.

I originally thought about building a new mantel to support the tv. But a mantel needs to be pretty high, and that would create a neck strain when watching tv.

Ultimately, I determined that I would run the cords sideways to the built-ins. I would hide tv cords behind small shelves that looked like a mantel and moulding at the same time.

One of the reasons I gravitated to our home to begin with was all of the beautiful moulding in the living room. I wanted to continue that look to make the space seamless. 

I was able to find shelves at Target that mimicked the original molding in white. The shelves look like crown molding and are hollow inside – perfect for cords to run through!

A living room with a white painted brick fireplace, with the tv handing over a mantel to hide tv cords.

How to Hide TV Wires Behind a Mantel

A close up of a white wall mount shelf from target

First, we removed the metal bracket on the back of the shelves and replaced the screws to keep the integrity of the shelves.

A close up of a white wall mount shelf

Next, we measured how long we needed our shelves to be, from the side of the built-ins to the TV. We used painter’s tape where we would be cutting to create a smooth cut.

A close up of a white wall mount shelf
A close up of a white wall mount shelf

Then it was time to attach. On the side without the cords, we screwed a small block of wood into the built-in to serve as support for the shelf.

The hollow part of the shelf fit around it. The other side of the shelf was supported by an existing brick that jutted out.

Painted white brick

For the right side, we fed the cords through the inside of the shelf and through a hole that we had drilled into the side of the built-ins at the right height. We attached this shelf to the brick using gorilla glue!

Finally, we caulked the seams and painted the ‘mantel’ to match the rest of the molding in the living room. See how and why I paint trim white.

The cords are hidden from view! The result is a mantel that blends in with the rest of the trim in the living room.

In just two hours and for the price of the shelves, we were able to make our space feel organized and homey again.

A living room with two gray chairs with a TV over them
A living room with two gray chairs with a TV over them

Variations to Hide TV Cables

While this method for how to hide tv wires worked beautifully in my space, it may not work for you. Thankfully, there are so many options for hiding cords.

  • Use a Different Style of Shelf – If traditional crown molding doesn’t fit with your style, buy or make your own narrow shelf that will be the right style. You just want to make sure you have a hollow space behind the front to hide tv cords.
  • Use a Cord Cover – There are a variety of cord covers, some that screw into the wall and some that stick. But it is essentially a plastic casing that goes down the wall, starting at the tv and ending at the outlet, or wherever you choose to end it, encasing all of the cords. This is noticeable because it protrudes from the wall a little, but you can lessen the visibility by painting it the color of your wall or by placing a plant in front of it.
  • Cord Clips – If you have furniture, like a bookshelf or armoire beside or right under your tv, you might consider cord clips to hide tv cables. You can attach the cord clips to the furniture and then hook your cords to the clips, making it so the cords stay hidden and attached right behind the furniture.

How to Hide TV Wires in Wall

This method is really sleek. It works especially well if you are having a professional install your tv.

A professional will know how to hide tv wires in walls quickly and effectively. However, you can buy kits and install these in existing homes, too.

The wires from the tv are fished through a hole right behind the tv, run through a casing behind the wall, and pulled out of another hole near an outlet.

Each of the holes needs to have an outlet cover for safety. Please note that there are safety codes that must be followed when using this method. It isn’t safe to run cords behind your wall without the proper installation kit.

Hidden TV Cords

Start, like I did, by assessing your space and surroundings. Then see if one of these solutions works for you.

Being able to hide tv cords make a huge difference in the appearance of my room. It’s organized and makes the television less of a distraction!

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  1. Whitney, yes, we drilled a couple holes through the built-ins, added an extension cord and ran it over to the outlet on the side wall.

  2. What a great idea! I would love to do that with ours too, but maybe I am missing something- where do the cords plug in? Are they hidden in the built-ins and they have an outlet in them? I don’t think we have an outlet close enough to our fireplace to make it work 🙁

  3. This is a great idea. We are looking at mounting a TV over our fireplace as well and trying to figure out how to hide those cords. Wonderful idea!