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Thick, Chewy Peanut Butter Chip Chocolate Cookies

how to make bakery style chocolate cookies

Calling all chocolate lovers!  These chewy peanut butter chip chocolate cookies are so delish for a quick sweet and salty chocolate fix. You know my love for all things sweet and salty {like my famous peanut butter bars}, but not you can enjoy the combo in yet another yummy cookie form! I’m bringing this recipe forward from 2013 {because you do not want to see my photography back then} and because we love them so much, I just felt you needed to have them in your life as well.

how to make bakery style chocolate cookies

One of my secrets to making the best chocolate cookies is adding a crack of sea salt to the top just before baking. What is a crack of sea salt? Just a simple twist of an inexpensive salt grinder set on the largest setting for pretty little flakes that taste as good as they look. It’s the secret that makes my cookies irresistible.

the best chocolate cookies recipe with peanut butter chips

Another important tip for thick, chewy chocolate cookies is how you bake them. I like to bake mine on parchment paper to prevent the cocoa from burning over lower than usual heat – 315 degrees. Using an ice cream scoop for an oversized cookie, they maintain a large part of their shape that keeps them oh so thick and wondrous. You can make standard size cookies and reduce bake time by 2-3 minutes if you prefer. 

the best chocolate cookies recipe with peanut butter chips

Cookies should always be the size of your plate, don’t you think?

bakery style thick, chewy, chocolate cookies recipe



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