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Buttercream Sugar Cookie Icing

Did you know that you don’t have to compromise taste to use buttercream sugar cookie icing? Learn how to ice sugar cookies, with yummy buttercream, the easy way! Originally shared December 21, 2013


quick & easy tips to ice sugar cookies with icing that actually tastes as good as it looks

A couple of weeks ago, we had lunch at a bakery and Adalyn begged for a decorated sugar cookie and I obliged. After eating her lunch, she took one bite and said “mom, this isn’t very good.” I couldn’t argue.  Much like a child, I have never cared for hard, flavorless {or even worse, with a hint of citrus}, royal icing. To me, it’s like what fondant is to cake. It’s beautiful, but the taste and texture lack appeal to me. 

I always use buttercream sugar cookie icing. It’s the perfect compliment to a great sugar cookie and can be almost as beautiful AND much quicker to ice with. Today I’m sharing one of two easy methods I use to ice sugar cookies with buttercream icing.


Using my favorite buttercream recipe for sugar cookies, I put the icing in a shallow bowl and warm it until smooth {about 30 seconds}. Keeping fingers on the edge of the cookie, dip it and allow it to drip. Place the cookie on wax or parchment paper to dry and if you’re adding sprinkles, add them immediately. You can watch the video above for the easy tutorial to use buttercream sugar cookie icing without the fuss and stress.

sugar cookie icing the easy way

You may need to warm the icing a time or two throughout the dipping process, depending on how many cookies you have to ice. I ice 6 dozen in about 20 minutes! Quick, pretty and most importantly, delicious.

sugar cookie icing that tastes good

I always choose taste over aesthetics, but I don’t feel that using buttercream is much of a compromise at all! I will warn you, it’s difficult to stop at just 1 cookie!

how to ice sugar cookies with delicious buttercream

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sugar cookie icing that tastes good

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22 comments on “Buttercream Sugar Cookie Icing”

  1. Wow, these look fantastic and your tip is so helpful. I wish this had been posted before I frosted my cookies. But I will definitely be saving this for the next time! Thank you.

  2. great tip. they look delish!

  3. I love this! I have always thought royal icing is the tool of the devil. Why would I want to break my teeth on some hard, flavorless crust? These cookies look gorgeous and delicious.

  4. Thank you Patty! Your friends will come around 🙂

  5. Hi, these look amazing. Does the icing harden? Can the cookies be stacked? Do you keep the cookies at room temp or in the fridge? Thanks!!

  6. Yum! I’m so glad I stumbled across your site. Thanks for all the creative ideas.

  7. If you add sprinkles, can these still sit at room temp for a few days? Or do the sprinkles bleed?

  8. It’s interesting because I started using fresh lemon juice in my royal icing instead of vanilla and everyone loves that my cookies aren’t super sweet and has the hint of lemon. I guess everyone is different. I like your idea and will certainly give it a go for a different flavor. It looks like it is not too complicated and especially easy for cookies with sprinkles which my personal children love!

    • You are absolutely right, everyone is different. It’s not for me, but I can completely appreciate why many love a hint of lemon. Thanks for sharing! Have a beautiful weekend.

  9. Does it harden enough to pipe colored frosting on top for decorating that way?

  10. Microwave or stovetop –how do you warm your buttercream, please?

  11. Thank heavens! An alternative to royal icing which I detest. It’s pretty but just tastes like hard sugar. I agree on fondant too. My mother always made an informal (no recipe) buttercream for Christmas cut-out cookies…yummy. I never buy those beautiful bakery cookies. They are just eye candy. I’ll try your recipe soon. Thanks for sharing it.

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