A fake calligraphy name tag on top of a white plate.

As my mom would have said “this is the oldest trick in the book,” but sometimes old tricks are just simply the best. Today, I’m teaching you how to fake calligraphy or your favorite handwriting. I’ve never loved my handwriting, but always aspired to write beautifully. Remember when projectors were used in the classroom to project a large image on a white piece of paper & the teacher would “trace the image”? It’s the same concept.

A vase of flowers on a table with a name tag in front of them.

1} Select your favorite font. Need inspiration? See my favorite fonts on Pinterest.

2} Type your text in Microsoft Word or the software of your choice. Play with the size of the font & adjust accordingly.

3} Trace from your computer monitor. Text will show even on thick card stocks {like these gorgeous Minted place cards} if you dim the lights in the room. If it’s still not legible, increase the brightness on your computer monitor. I’m demonstrating it with a piece of  210g luxe stock.

Tracing words onto paper off of a computer screen.

Try to keep a flow to make it appear natural. This is not a strength of mine – I always seem to be rushed, however, it presents the most natural appearance. Using a standard felt tip pen, you will not get the look of thick & thin lines, but you can always go back to add to your stroke or use a felt tip calligraphy pen to mimic it.

Tracing words onto paper off of a computer screen.

and yes, I know I write awkwardly. Kudos to Chris for the photographs!

A fake calligraphy name tag on top of a white plate.

A fake calligraphy name tag on top of a white plate.

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  1. I love faking calligraphy because I’m better at it than the real thing!

    LOL! Btw, my boyfriend’s name is Brianne and I kind of stared at the name on the place card because it’s not a very common spelling of Bryan or Brian where I’m from.

  2. Wow – thank you for this idea. I am waiting on my cards to see the thickness… but I was going to print out all 125 names and trace them with my Kopykake projector. You might just have saved me the paper + ink!! đŸ™‚

  3. That is so clever!! My handwriting is pretty sloppy, I’m trying this out next time I have to write pretty. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. I write exactly the same way and my husband always makes fun of me!! Thanks for the tutorial…I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. đŸ™‚